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A movie commentary & cosmic kismet

By |2019-05-24T06:40:08-04:00March 11th, 2019|Announcements|

Ashley and I were recently talking about the reactions we’re seeing from viewers who watch the film: women cry, men get emotional and call their wives. The psychological impact is real. And this week, as if agreeing with what we’re seeing, the Universe sent us a bit of cosmic kismet: an expert in the field […]

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You can make a difference

By |2019-05-17T09:08:12-04:00November 25th, 2018|Announcements|

When you make your tax-deductible donation to Pioneers in Skirts on Giving Tuesday, you’ll be helping us move a crucial conversation forward. 

We’re raising $17K to take us across the finish line!

Women continue to be vastly underrepresented at every level. Please help us finish the film that will certainly play […]

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EEC’s commitment to workplace human rights

By |2020-04-13T10:23:00-04:00July 5th, 2018|Movie Endorsements|

Thank you for your never-ending support, Dennis!

“During my tenure as the chair of the MAC, I have seen the EEC listen and embrace the resounding message permeating much more than our humble community: diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace are not a privilege, they are a basic human right and we here at the […]

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