Universities assigning PiS as homework

Film can be a powerful instructional and motivational tool in the university classroom.

Pioneers in Skirts can be an effective tool in teaching complex concepts and a powerful catalyst for meaningful in-class discussions. When students watch the film, many experience the perspectives of people who are outside of their current world view and, as they process what they have seen, they are encouraged to think critically and self-reflect.

Since the launch of the film, Pioneers in Skirts has been screening in schools either in-person or streaming online, and now — we’re excited to see that professors have begun assigning Pioneers in Skirts to their students as movie-watching homework.

Professors point to the many streaming channels where Pioneers in Skirts can be seen:


Watch on Reveel
Streaming Plan
Curiosity Stream
Streaming Plan
Apple TV
Rent or Purchase
Prime Video
Rent or Purchase
Streaming Plan
Tubi TV
Stream With Ads
Stream With Ads
Vimeo on Demand

Specialized workshops are also created to discuss the topics within the film! For example: Northern Arizona University. Their goal was to have participants develop an action plan to reduce stereotyping and sexism in their lives.

A facilitated post-screening discussion provides students with an opportunity to:

  • develop their communication skills
  • understand and empathize with alternative viewpoints 
  • learn to evaluate and reflect upon their own biases, stereotyping, and assumptions.
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