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a movie about ambition

Workplace gender-bias persists in ways many of us don’t even realize. Pioneers in Skirts is a character-driven social impact documentary addressing the gender-bias and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her feel like she must re-think her dreams.

Pioneers in Skirts is currently in post-production with a target premiere for first half of 2019!

book the filmmakers

Inviting a filmmaker to speak at your event is the perfect opportunity for fun and inspiring audience interactions.
Having an impact filmmaker at your event is invaluable! Audience members gain insights beyond a problem. They see and hear first-hand how an issue affects people directly and indirectly.
Many leave armed with how they can get involved with an issue or cause.
CONTACT Ashley Maria and Lea-Ann Berst — two filmmakers who have the experience of getting up close and intimate when speaking with large and small audiences. From keynote to panel and post screening sit-down chats, these two filmmakers stress the importance of using stories to humanize metrics in order for change to happen.
Numbers move minds, stories move hearts.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like making a documentary film? Especially one that takes you across the country in search of an answer to a really BIG question?

Ashley & Lea-Ann speak on a range of niche topics, including:

  • How the idea for this film found them and how they went about finding the answer to the question, “what will it take for women to finally achieve parity in the workplace?”
  • The challenge of telling a story when everything affects everything.

we’re raising film-finishing funds RIGHT NOW!

Thank you so much for clicking!Today we have a fine-cut edit that contains a blend of final and temporary sound, music and graphics. We’re raising funds to help us cross the finish line.

Please visit our Support Page to see how you can help us complete this film — either personally or in a corporate kind of way.