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A feature documentary, Pioneers in Skirts® takes us on a nationwide journey to reveal the biases and obstacles women face in their careers, what realistically can be done about it, and how to dramatically change the outcome for the next generation.

Documentary stories are an impactful way to humanize social issues and inspire change.

Pioneers in Skirts will instigate dialogue and action aimed at identifying, confronting and resolving the unique obstacles women experience throughout their lifetime. We ALL can play a role in pioneering change!


We’re raising film-finishing funds RIGHT NOW!

We are in the most intense part of documentary movie-making: post-production… which is the most expensive part of the process, too. Please visit our GoFundMe to help us complete the film-finishing efforts or to help in a corporate kind of way.

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1604, 2018

How to save the world: a guide for broke millennials

April 16th, 2018|POV|

Making a difference when you’re strapped for cash Saving the world can seem like a pipe dream when you’re struggling to make rent, but it’s almost impossible to ignore the feeling that things need to change. If that’s a sentiment you’ve felt yourself, take heart: you don’t need to be rich or powerful to make a difference. […]