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Stereotyping and sexism chip away at pioneering ambition. What will you do to change it?

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Like you, we’ve had to adjust how we do our work, especially how we engage with movie audiences. How do you screen a film when we need to stay 6 feet apart?! We’ve been able to switch gears and now have a way for people to virtually screen and engage with Pioneers in Skirts. In fact, it’s helped to make the film even more personal.

Parents can screen at home with their kids (we even have a conversation guide to help you talk about it) and Organizations who want to build their culture of solidarity and support while their employees are working from home can use our online screening platform to host viewings and virtual post-screening discussions about diversity, inclusion, and career challenges.

it’s a feel-good film

This movie is so hopeful! As a woman, I have experienced and seen first-hand the devastating impact bias and sexism can have on a career. So, to watch a story and witness other women’s journeys in a way that is truthful and down to earth left me feeling inspired. I wasn’t expecting it, but Pioneers in Skirts is really a feel-good film.

Stephanie Woodward, Audience Member

What I love about this film is the fact that it takes a topic that is seemingly provocative and typically off limits for discussion and completely makes it safe to talk about.

Reaching across aisles and instigating conversation, this film is a truly enjoyable documentary that, in my opinion, will change minds and move hearts.

It’s such an important film, especially today. Everybody can see their role in the problem.

Jake Yara, Audience Member

The film and the story that it tells established a safe platform for us moms to share our own career experiences and in turn, for our daughters to speak about their own ambition and the lens through which they see their futures.

Eva Martinez, VP, Women in Aerospace Canada

Stories like Pioneers in Skirts are what will build the genuine and compassionate leaders we need in the world of tomorrow.

Len Shneyder, Audience Member

Feedback from members was amazing. Change starts with creating empathy for what others are experiencing and the movie has a story that does just that.

Janet Jones, Board of Directors Vice Chair, M3AAWG

We watched your wonderful movie last night. First, let me say that my 16 year old autistic son was the most interested and I was incredibly proud of him. This documentary did exactly what I believe it was designed to do, create an opportunity to address how people are treated in this world.

Dr. Brian Glover, Audience Member

book the filmmakers

Having an impact filmmaker at your event is invaluable!

When you invite us to your screening, your audience gains valuable insights on how gender issues affect them and the people around them.

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