eligibility requirements and program guidelines

The Pioneers in Skirts Global Impact Movie Relay initiative supports programs that lead to a gender equal world.


  • Deadline to Apply: we are currently offering a rolling open application process

  • Screening Host applicants
    • must be part of an organization (NGO or activist group) and will be chosen based upon:
      • the need for change in their communities,
      • the inspiring work they have done in their communities,
      • the spirit with which they bring people together to solve problems.
    • must fit within this focus area:
      We support programs that work to achieve gender equality and advocate for ALL women and girls, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, age, sexuality, or any other status.
  • Screening Host applicants receive:
    • 1 filmmaker-hosted online movie watch party on Zoom, OR
    • 1 in-person movie watch party with filmmaker attending via Zoom (or other online application)
  • Specific emphasis will be placed on proposals that
    • demonstrate measurable outcomes,
    • address issues within underserved communities, and
    • create a safe space where people can express what they need in their life.

Eligibility Checklist

Organizations applying must meet one of the following criteria:

  • An organization holding a current tax-exempt status (under Section 501(c)(3) in the U.S.), or
  • A recognized NGO or activist organization that are requesting a movie screening exclusively for public purposes, or
  • A church or other faith-based organization with a proposed project that benefits the community at large.

All applicants must complete the official Pioneers in Skirts “Host a Screening” Global Impact Movie Relay application.

For your convenience and reference, the questions in the application are:

  1. Have you ever hosted an impact event with a film (or other Art form) like this in the past? If so, please tell us about it.
  2. How would your proposed Pioneers in Skirts movie screening event directly benefit the communities your organization services?
  3. Describe the overall campaign in which Pioneers in Skirts will be a part of. What is the current status of the campaign?
  4. How will you use the movie screening to help fast-track a GENDER-EQUITABLE PANDEMIC RECOVERY?
  5. How do you plan to promote your event?
  6. What kind of support do you need in planning your event?
  7. How does your organization plan to measure the success of the campaign / activation efforts?

Award Conditions

  • Awardee must sign a Public Performance License prior to screening the film.
  • While the majority of Pioneers in Skirts Global Impact Movie Impact screenings will be held during 2021, organizations may propose initiatives with time-frames that extend into 2022.
  • Screenings provided by Pioneers in Skirts cannot be used to provide services for compensation.

Selection Process

Please note the vast majority of approvals will be program-event focused.

  • Proposals must be completed in full and submitted online to be considered.
  • There is no guarantee of being awarded a free screening.
  • Guidelines, submission deadlines and notification dates may be adjusted without prior notice.
  • The Pioneers in Skirts Global Impact Movie Relay initiative welcomes collaboration between organizations but only one organization can submit the application.

All Global Impact Movie Relay applications are subject to review of the organization’s reputation and activities and its agreement to comply with applicable terms and conditions.