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Pioneers in Skirts is a movie about how we ALL can achieve gender equality in our culture.

This multi-award-winning film talks about how everyday people experience and combat stereotyping, sexism, and bias. Audiences connect to the problem individually, experience a broadened perspective of what’s really happening around them, and awaken with a sense of responsibility and empathy that empowers them to make a difference.


COMPANIES — you can achieve Corporate Community Partner status when you make a $10,000 minimum contribution in funding, technology, or services. The Corporate Community Partner status allows for you to align your brand with the film. In return, you will receive —

  • One Pioneers in Skirts screening package with the producers in attendance. (T&E extra if in-person).
  • One screening in front of students.
  • Access to 4 brief clips from the film to use in your internal training programs.
  • Permission to use our logo jointly with yours.
  • Your logo will be featured on our website.
  • All Corporate Community Partners who supported the film prior to the completion of our IMAX cut will have their company name included in the movie end credits! 

Help us make change happen

1. CONTRIBUTE DIRECTLY to the impact we make via our GoFundMe IMPACT page, tax-deductible fiscal sponsor page (Fractured Atlas), or directly with a check to “Pioneers in Skirts.”

We’re raising impact seed funding for a global movie-screening impact relay, to create multi-language screening kits and educational programs, translate the film (subtitles), and enhance audience engagement.

2. HOST A SCREENING Pioneers in Skirts can play a valuable role in your ERG, D&I training, or on-boarding programs. The first step is to complete the movie screening application form!

3. SUPPORT US by helping us create impact materials, providing technology and services that empower us to make an impact, and/or producing screening events all over the globe.

4. PARTNER WITH US! Work with us to combine outreach pathways with innovative strategies in order for our film to make a positive impact in workplaces, homes, and peoples’ lives.

The Pioneers in Skirts Global Impact Relay

In 2021 we’re using the film, and the activation efforts surrounding nationally-focused screenings, to cast a broader scope of awareness for the need to address gender equality and human rights issues. Screening in a host of diverse locations around the globe, we want our impact relay events to engage with people from all walks of life along its way.

We aim to re-ignite governments, civil society, businesses, and other stakeholders to work to eliminate discrimination against women and girls and achieve equality in all areas of life.

With projections showing that women are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic, we want our relay to also be a push for women to be at the heart of pandemic recovery efforts.

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