20 ways to make your screening event memorable

Hosting a screening of Pioneers in Skirts? A screening of Pioneers in Skirts can raise awareness for cultural biases and prejudices, empower others to know that they aren’t alone, encourage productive and meaningful discussions, and generate action. 

After years of screening movies, the producers share their experiences for creating a memorable screening experience:

red carpet event
Kids from Nova Scotia

Provide an experience

1.  Invite the filmmakers to attend your event

2.  Provide popcorn, drinks, snacks

3.  Recruit sponsors to host contests, door prizes, food, and fun movie giveaways

4.  Create a drive-in theater experience in a parking lot or in the auditorium

5.  Upgrade your hosting package to PREMIERE level to give your audience the full red carpet experience

6.  Create an awesome step-and-repeat as a backdrop for selfies and group photos

7.  Create photo props and custom selfie frames

8.  Choose a theme. Tell your audience to dress up to meet the theme, then make sure everything else blends in: music, the food, decorations, etc.

Hand out content

9.  Provide parental resources and learning activities

10. Hand out inspiring and purposeful Pioneers Group Swag or Pioneers Individual Swag!

11. Give your audience a small ‘Take Action’ poster to hang on their wall as a reminder of the event. Here are a few ideas:

    • We ALL Have A Role to Play” — ideas for what YOU can do to advance equity in the world
    • Are YOU A Pioneer?” — ideas for how YOU can be a changemaker & change the world, every day
    • THIS Is What Inclusion Feels Like” — ideas for how diverse populations feel welcome; a sense of belonging
    • “The POWER dynamics” — ideas for how to look at privilege, and understanding the power you have in a room

These are great ideas for a video contest too!

Involve your community

12. Have a school/company/association newspaper interview the filmmakers

13. Ask industry publications to write a story about why a movie like this is needed (like this: ACTE)

14. Invite (student/employee/member) families to watch the film at home (book an ON DEMAND screening package with a dedicated streaming page)

15. Invite community leaders, advocates, and local celebrities to be part of your event

  • Invite community groups, university faculties, middle school/high school/university students, school administrators, teachers, and elected officials who could help lead to positive change for women and girls at the intersections of marginalized identities—from K-12 through career.

16. Send event registrants a profile frame so they can show their Pioneering spirit (we’ve created a free Canva template for you to make your own!)

17. Conduct photo or video contests. Create a designated hashtag for participants to upload their entry. Then, feature the winners in social media & blog posts.

18. Take a poll before and after the screening to gauge feelings and perspectives

19. Create a social media hashtag for your event

20. For those that can’t make it, pick a HYBRID hosting package so that you can create a virtual event room

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