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Apply For The Global Impact Movie Relay

The Producers of Pioneers in Skirts are proud to offer a unique advocacy program where qualified organizations can screen the movie to their hybrid (online and in-person) audience — for FREE!

The program is open to groups who elevate women & girls, work to advance women into leadership roles, and address gender equity and equality issues.

Do you qualify? Non-profit & advocacy organizations focused on building a world that benefits the ambitions of ALL women and girls should apply! *see eligibility requirements

A Platform For Action

Organizations around the globe are utilizing Relay movie events to help them re-ignite governments, civil society, businesses, and other stakeholders — as well as to fully implement their commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5.

As part of a UN Women’s Generation Equality Action Coalition initiative, Pioneers in Skirts is a #GEFAccountabilityChampion platform that works with activists to:
  • Elevate existing global and local advocacy programs that aim to achieve a gender-transformative impact on structures and systems.
  • Facilitate dialogue and the sharing of perspectives, and center the voices of historically marginalized groups.
  • Collect data for analysis (via the post-screening survey)



United States | 2020 | English | Women, Girls, Ambition, Generation Equality

Sound: Stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound

Duration: 60 min

Closed Captioning: English

Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian, Arabic



Before You Apply

Applicants are encouraged to review eligibility requirements and program guidelines before starting your application.

Organizations that apply must be: part of a nonprofit, NGO, or activist group and will be chosen based upon:

  • the need for change in their communities,
  • why a movie screening event can help boost their programs that elevate women & girls and address gender equity and equality issues,
  • the inspiring work they do in their communities,
  • the spirit with which they bring people together to solve problems.


Today: These special movie events are traveling around the globe with the intent of helping to boost programs that elevate women & girls and address gender equity and equality issues.

The End: We’ll keep the Relay going if there’s demand!

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How the relay works

After a Global Impact Movie Relay application is approved, Pioneers in Skirts will award:

  • 1 hybrid screening event: a password-protected online movie screening link to host a high resolution hybrid screening event (In-person and online if needed)
  • A comprehensive digital Screening Kit: tips and resources for promoting your event. This kit will help you better plan for what to do before, during, and after your event. Designed to ensure high impact, our post-screening dialog tips help you instigate follow-on actions that keep the conversations and activism moving forward!


You can watch the film online via one of the streaming platforms listed here:


Award Conditions

  1. Organizations must have a good Internet reception. The movie is provided via secure high-resolution streaming link.
  2. Organizations must ask their audience to complete the post-screening impact survey. Participation in the survey will help demonstrate the film’s potential impact and benefit to society by making sure we are providing content for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects.
  3. Organizations must complete a Pioneers in Skirts Impact Form that will be used to write a brief Post-screening Impact Report. The report will detail date/location, purpose of the event, the communities that benefited from the event, and the outcomes of the event.
  4. Screenings awarded by Pioneers in Skirts cannot be used to provide services for compensation or any other type of funding. The screening must be provided FREE of charge to your community.

galvanize the collective action for gender equity and equality

Apply for the Global Impact Movie Relay

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