find your inner pioneer

The Pioneering PathThe Pioneers in Skirts Find Your Inner Pioneer program is an interactive movie program designed for students aged 13 and up.

Students and educators watch the film, then meet to participate in a program about Ambition:

  • Using slides, open conversation, and an interactive worksheet, the Emmy-nominated filmmakers lead an interactive program to demonstrate how to counter biases and nay-sayers and provide the building blocks we all need to take charge of our own “Pioneering Path.”
  • In the end, participants see that the best goals are the ones that are important to us, and that when we personalize our goals, we are energized to keep going!

Book the Program

The Movie Screening + Interactive Workshop allows you to screen Pioneers in Skirts at your local big-screen theater, on-demand for families to watch at home, or in a school auditorium, or in classrooms.

How this works:

  1. Use the Host a Screening form to book a screening of Pioneers in Skirts
  2. While in the form, click the “I want to book the filmmakers to lead a Find Your Inner Pioneer program for my students” option.
  3. We’ll reach out to you straight away to begin planning the event!

The program is great for middle school students to demonstrate YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Older students engage in a discussion about the realities of our society’s work culture.

¤ Supplies Needed per Individual or Group:

  • A computer with a camera, mic, and Internet connection
    • Headset with microphone optional
  • Printer (for printing the worksheet)
  • Pen or marker, any color 


¤ Supplies Provided by the Filmmakers:

  • The Pioneer Path worksheet
  • “I’m a Pioneer” digital decal