Researchers and advocates have drawn attention to the issues of gender equity and how we ALL can affect change. We’ve consolidated a few resources for you!

Are You Civil At Work?

Take The Test

Are You Respectful at Work?

Cultural bias is often connected with being disrespectful, & the first step is to be aware. Take this behavior assessment.

Are You Biased?

Take The Test

Project Implicit

Curious about your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other topics? Click here to take the test.


Performance-Reward Bias

Article with Curated Data

Do women advance in careers more slowly than men? Click to review curated research.

For Working Women in Hollywood

Reality Check

What's It Like?

Naomi McDougall Jones at TEDx Beacon Street: What it’s like to be a woman in Hollywood.

For The Children Who Dream Big

Books To Inspire Girls


Over 2,000 books to inspire the next generation:

For The Men Who Advocate

NCWIT Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Use the NCWIT Male Allies and Advocates Toolkit for diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Gender Equity Research

Gender Equity Research

A collection of research from the AAUW; reports as well as select publications from the entire AAUW history.


Women's History

Women's History

The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) online exhibit expands our knowledge of American history.

For The Children Who Dream Big

Toys For Mighty Girls


A listing of over 2,500 high-quality toys from


The Gender Equality Index

Gender Ratios

Brands, ranked by equality in leadership. Search by Brand and by Company here:


Movies Made By Women


Can you name a movie director who’s female? Here’s a multi-genre listing of films made by women!

For Your Fearless Feminist

AAUW Gift List

For The STEM Girl In Your Life

Math & Science Gifts


Items that are perfect to inspire young girls in your life to take interest in math and science! UnboxdArticle

Cognitive Bias Codex

The Role Bias Plays In Our Decisions

Brain Biases

Almost 200 cognitive biases rule our everyday thinking. A new codex boils them down to 4.

A Checklist

Inclusive Social Media Presence


Use this checklist to ensure your social strategy is informed by diversity and inclusion principles.

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