Make An Impact

Step up against the forces that cause pioneering ambition to plummet.

Pioneers Spotify Playlist

Set the tone!

Jam to energizing and empowering songs curated for audiences at home and in a fun venue!

Pioneers Swag

For fans!

Support our ongoing activism and community organizing efforts. All profits go to these efforts.

Pioneers Swag

Company catalog of promotional kits!

Swag kits will help large event hosts build excitement and engagement around their events!



Download the Pioneers in Skirts theme song.

Leadership Psychologist

Dr. Hope Hills

A safe space to freely explore leadership concerns.

LinkedIn Catalyst

Video Series

A video series that teaches us how to learn from our setbacks.

Salary Comparison


Gain the insights to make sure you’re paid fairly with relevant, validated salary data.

Legal Rights


Embrace your motherhood journey without compromising your career growth.

Parental Leave

Download Playbook

Bobbie is calling BS on the myth that small businesses can’t provide a world-class parental leave policy.

For Girls

Items that are perfect to inspire young girls to take interest in math and science!


A list of resources from the documentary film, “Feminists, what were they thinking?”

Gender Equality Index

Gender ratios — brands ranked by equality in leadership. Search by Brand and by Company.

Book of Dares


100 Ways for Boys to be Kind, Bold, and Brave

For Girls Who Dream Big

This “A Mighty Girl’s” book section features over 3,000 girl-empowering books.

International Gender Champions

Leadership Network

Bring together decision-makers to beak down gender barriers.

An Inclusive Team Culture

Read the Catalyst Report
A safe space to work and voice concerns ensures that team members are able to flourish.

Teaching Kids

Calling Out Sexism
Whether you’re raising sons or daughters, you can teach your kids to speak up against sexism.

How Biased Are You?

Take the Porath Test
The first step is to be AWARE of what you’re doing and thinking. Take the behavior assessment.

The Equality Education

Workshops & Curriculum

A social & emotional learning company that teaches diversity and inclusion to American youth.

The Equality Education

Swag Bag

Empowering products that encourage unconditional self love & confidence.

For Girls and Boys

Books Toys Movies
Help children learn to think critically and speak up against sexism and gender inequalities.

Male Allies

Use the NCWIT Male Allies and Advocates Toolkit for your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Research & Data

Explore research on the gender pay gap, women & girls in STEM, stopping sexual harassment, Title IX and more.

Curated Women's History

The National Women’s History Museum online exhibit expands our knowledge of American history.

Biases Cloud Our Thinking

Framing Decisions
Almost 200 cognitive biases rule our everyday thinking. A new codex boils them down to 4. #BigThink

Are You Biased?

Take the Project Implicit Test
Curious about your implicit associations about race, gender…other topics?

Career Research

Women vs Men
Do women advance in careers more slowly than men? Read Kathryn Welds’ curated research.

Working Women In Hollywood

Reality Check
Naomi McDougall Jones at TEDx Beacon Street: What it’s like to be a woman in Hollywood.

Movies Made By Women

Can you name a movie director who’s female? Here’s a multi-genre listing of films made by women!

Inclusive Social Media

Cook Ross
Checklist to ensure your social strategy is informed by diversity and inclusion principles.

Communication Coach

Karen Laos

Practical tools to speak up and stand out with unshakable confidence


a unique opportunity to organize and run an official premiere of Pioneers in Skirts