Movie Endorsements

Organizations screen Pioneers in Skirts to help them to better understand their people and provide a broadened perspective of what’s really happening in the world around us.

SAS Screening of Pioneers in Skirts

Michelle Proctor, Principal Business Operations Manager, Risk Research & Quantitative Solutions | SAS Institute, Inc. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Initiative Network at SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC hosted a public screening of the Pioneers in Skirts documentary. We opened the doors virtually to allow groups all over the globe to pull together audiences to participate in the festivities. There was participation from Bloomington (MN), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Marlow (UK), Toronto

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Halifax Screening of Pioneers in Skirts

Eva Martinez, Vice-President of WIA-Canada As part of International Women’s Day, Women in Aerospace Canada and Women in Science and Engineering Atlantic co-hosted a screening of the film Pioneers in Skirts.  We were compelled to share this movie with our community after watching it with our own teenage daughters; in large part because of the quality of the conversations that the film triggered between us and our daughters. The film and the story that it

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Movie endorsement from M3AAWG

We screened a preview of Pioneers in Skirts to a group of cyber security super heroes back in February. We knew they enjoyed the movie, but wow! Today they endorsed it!! Thank you M3AAWG!!! Here’s a snippet of what they had to say —  OUR COMMITMENT IN M3AAWG TO DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION – A “PIONEERS IN SKIRTS” ENDORSEMENT M3AAWG leadership invited the filmmakers of Pioneers in Skirts to join our meeting in San Francisco to

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Security Skeptic endorses Pioneers in Skirts

We met Dave Piscitello at a cyber security conference. He had just won a lifetime achievement award for fighting DNS and online abuse, and we followed his special moment with a keynote about Pioneers in Skirts. After we spoke of our mission and why we started this massive journey — Dave stepped forward to offer his assistance. He wanted us to achieve our goals. He wants a better world for his daughter. He’s a Pioneer.

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