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Pioneers in Skirts

Make your movie event a day to remember!

Community/CompanyEducational Distribution


Up to 50 in audience | 1 time screening
  • SCREEN THE MOVIE one (1) time in-person
  • DIGITAL SCREENING KIT with tips and resources for promoting and running your event
  • PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENSE to exhibit the film to your community/company-related audience of up to 50 people
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORT: we are here to help you make this a memorable and meaningful event!


Up to 200 in audience | 2 day hybrid event
  • SCREEN THE MOVIE for two (2) consecutive days of hybrid viewings (on-demand AND in-person)
  • DIGITAL SCREENING KIT with tips and resources for promoting and running your event
  • PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENSE to exhibit the film to your community/company-related audience of up to 200 people
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORT: we are here to help you make this a memorable and meaningful event!

You can book a University or School screening of the film Pioneers in Skirts via one of these Educational distributors:

EDU LESSONS LEARNED. We spoke with screening hosts to find out about their experiences screening the film to their students. We asked them, “what worked, what didn’t, and what would you do differently in the future.” Check out their responses in our Lessons Learned EDU Check List.

SCHOOL PROGRAM. An online learning program, our Find Your Inner Pioneer interactive workshop is intended for students ages 12+. Students learn about their Pioneering Path: Ambition, Goal Setting, Obstacles We Can Experience (and how to get past them), and when we Personalize Our Goals, we are energized to keep going! Click here to learn more.

Bring Writer/Director/Producer and star of the film, Ashley Maria, and/or the Writer/Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst to your school – virtually or in-person –  to dive into the making of “Pioneers in Skirts” and offer students the opportunity to ask questions about filmmaking, social impact, and more.

Need to screen the film and don’t have a ProQuest, Infobase, or Hoopla account?

  1. Our Pioneers in Skirts PRE-MOVIE QUESTIONNAIRE. Introducing the topics in the film, this downloadable tool is accompanied by a corresponding teacher answer sheet!
  2. DIGITAL SCREENING KIT with tips and resources for promoting and running your event.
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  • Delivery Methods
  • Package Details
  • Streaming Specs
  • Impact Survey
  • Add On Options

TO CALCULATE THE TOTAL NUMBER IN YOUR VIEWING AUDIENCE: Add the amount of people you expect to attend your in-person screening event(s) PLUS the amount of people you expect to attend your online audience. Don’t worry, we won’t shut you down if you end up with more people than you expected — we will work with you to make adjustments.

ALL STANDARD PACKAGES ARE HYBRID (in person and online screenings); providing extra screening and streaming days to allow for the hosting of more-than-one movie event as well as for your audience to watch the film when their schedule permits.

ALL PACKAGES ARRIVE WITH A DIGITAL SCREENING KIT. The kit contains valuable insights and tools for promoting and running a successful movie screening event.

  • Unique items in the kit: a downloadable promotional video featuring Ashley. In the video she tells your audience what the film is about and invites them to attend your event! We also include a run-of-show template, email examples, and post-screening question ideas.

WE’RE FLEXIBLE! If you would like extra days or need to increase the viewer number cap, we’re happy to provide you a fair and timely quote to do so.

When streaming the film either for your in-person event or on-demand part of your event:

  • Our streaming link allows you to utilize one subtitle.
    • Available Subtitles: English (cc), Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian, Arabic.
  • The streaming platform provides the best streaming experience possible by automatically detecting your Internet connection speed and streaming the best version of the film that your connection can support.
    • The playback will adjust throughout the screening to ensure you always receive the best streaming possible, while minimizing the chance of any buffering.
  • If you want to stream at full High Definition (HD): our movie is encoded at 5mb/s. We recommend a minimum Internet connection speed of 8mb/s to stream our film for true 1080p HD viewing without any buffering issues or quality downgrade.

When completing the Host A Screening form you’ll have the chance to pick the following add on options.

A) A couple of standard packages come with a filmmaker(s) participation. However, many groups ask us to attend in other ways. Speaker options are:

  • IMPACTFUL CONVO: Invite the filmmaker(s) to speak at your event (in person or by video chat)
  • KEYNOTE: Invite the filmmaker(s) to provide a keynote at my event (in person or recorded video). View the details of keynote topics here:
  • MOVIE INTRO: Invite the filmmaker(s) to create a branded 1-min video introduction to the film for your audience to watch before they see the film
  • AMBITION PROGRAM: Invite the filmmaker(s) to lead a Find Your Inner Pioneer program for your middle school or high school students

You can expand the number of days and audience count for your screening event. Simply tell us what you need when you complete the Host A Screening form.

We have created an Impact Survey to help demonstrate the film’s potential impact and benefit to society. It’ll also help us do better with our impact efforts!

We ask that all screening hosts to encourage your audience to take our post-screening impact survey after they view the film. It’s anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete.

To help, we provide (in the Digital Screening Kit) an image and suggested verbiage you can use to help convince audience members to participate in the survey. SURVEY LINK:

-> The film is delivered via a HIGH-RESOLUTION STREAMING LINK (see Streaming Specs tab). For best results, we recommend you use a high-speed Internet connection via an Ethernet cable.

-> A BLU-RAY DISC OPTION is available upon request at no extra charge. This can be the perfect solution for your screening event when you’re challenged with having good Internet speeds.

  • Let us know in advance if you need a Blu-ray disc for your event, and we will send it to you (U.S. only). You will, however, be responsible for returning the Blu-ray (in its original shipping container) immediately after your screening + the return shipping costs.

-> A DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE (DCP) OPTION is available at an additional fee + all shipping costs. The DCP is used to screen the film in a theatrical setting.

  • A DCP contains a video track of our film encoded frame by frame in the robust JPEG-2000 format; allowing each element of our film to be stored separately in a folder.
  • Your venue must have access to a Digital Cinema Server to properly project every element of our film onto the big screen.
  • The DCP must be safely returned to us after its use. Directions for returning the DCP can be found in the Digital Screening Kit.


Step up against the forces that cause pioneering ambition to plummet.