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For the women who are watching this video, how many of you have thought: “If I was a man, I would not have to deal with this?” I have a solution for you, watch the documentary Pioneers in Skirts.

It discusses gender bias and why women lose ambition in the workplace. It follows filmmaker and director, Ashley Maria as she discusses her own experiences in the film industry, follows a group of young girls, women, and friends, to figure out why women lose ambition.

This is a wonderful family film; it has clean language.  It is a great film for young women to watch and reference.

One of my favorite parts of the film was when they interviewed Brad Feld who is an entrepreneur and author. He talks about some of the behavior changes he has made to make sure women feel more included in meetings. This part was powerful to me because you got to hear from a man who understands, acknowledges, and is trying to make behavioral changes to make sure women feel more included.

This film is very diverse in the cast as well as the perspective it provides.  We get a glimpse all the way from one of Ashley’s film teachers Joan Darling and it goes all the way down to young girls in a Girl Scout filmmaking class, as well as corporate, young, and old women, and everyone in between.

We also look at young girls in a robotic competition and how making small changes at that age can really give them the boost of confidence that they need to do well in higher levels.

A powerful part of the film was when they were having a round table discussion of how women had different experiences based off their perceived level of attractiveness as well as being likeable.

For example, what one woman might have thought was advantage might have been a disadvantage for another woman. We definitely have to change the systems and we have to change the men and that’s how the documentary ends, talking about the changes we can make to decrease issues women face.

I suggest you go and watch it, especially if you want to watch a nice feel good, we can do it, you got this documentary. 

Check out this wonderful and important documentary!  It is an impact documentary, so all the screening money received goes to helping the cause.

Danielle Guest from Mercury Fire YouTube Channel.

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