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It seems like every day brings more cancellations, closings, and upsetting news. The coronavirus is affecting the whole world, not least of all the artists and creators who are trying to bring their projects to fruition — and to an audience.

As such, Women and Hollywood is highlighting women-driven and women-made projects that have been impacted by COVID-19 and are now looking for outside help. Some of these projects were set to premiere at now-cancelled festivals, others have had theatrical premieres postponed. Money and opportunities have been lost, and these projects and their filmmakers need some extra financial backing if they will be able to move forward.

Each week, we’ll be updating our readers about projects by and about women that have been rocked by COVID-19 and are currently crowdfunding — including project info, why they need help, and how you can help them. Check out the first round of titles below.

“Pioneers in Skirts” (Documentary) – Directed by Ashley Maria; Written by Ashley Maria and Lea-Ann W. Berst

What it’s about: “Pioneers in Skirts” is an engaging examination of gender parity in the workplace from the perspective of a female filmmaker who was frustrated with her own problems in the film industry. Not finding many answers within her profession, she decides to expand her search to include other industries and society in general. Director Ashley Maria not only shares her own story, but she follows the journey of three robotic girls and their fathers as well as a young mother — all while traveling the U.S. to investigate solutions, speaking to fellow pioneering women, and interviewing topic experts.

How it has been affected by COVID-19: The doc had its festival premiere on October 26, 2019, and had planned hundreds of screenings throughout March and April. The filmmaking team has been dealing with a tidal wave of cancellations and postponements, and had to change their April 5 IMAX premiere to May 30 — a date that may also be pushed back.

How to help: The filmmakers have been working with festival organizers and screening hosts to bring “Pioneers in Skirts” temporarily online. You can participate in the Pioneer at Home campaign, and watch the doc from your home.


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