Gift Ideas For The Pioneer In Your Life

When it comes to achieving their full potential, an ambitious girl or woman needs allies and concrete solutions for combating the obstacles in her path. So, in the spirit of ‘achieving her full potential’, we’d like you to consider these 4 points when looking for a gift for that Pioneer in your life!

1. Look for gifts that communicate interests aren’t fixed and can develop over time —

“Telling people to follow their passions encourages them to hone in on the interests they’ve already developed instead of trying new ones. Interests develop and change over time — which leads expressing greater interest in new areas, anticipating that pursuing interests will sometimes be challenging, and maintaining greater interest when challenges arise.Forbes

2. Look for gifts that showcase role models —

“Women entering the workforce have limited ability to envision what it takes to be a leader. Many women & girls lack role models to show them what they can achieve and to see what it takes to reach leadership positions.” Forbes  

3. Look for gifts that show ways to celebrate themselves and their achievements —

“Women who are the most proactive in making their achievements visible advanced further in their careers, had greater career satisfaction, and were more likely to attract sponsors. And making achievements known was the only career advancement strategy associated with pay increases.” Forbes

4. Look for gifts that uplift the Pioneers who are challenging the barriers women & girls encounter along their career path —

A Pioneer — at its core, is a woman who owns her success, paves her own way, and leads the way for the next generation. A Pioneer can also be an employer or elected official who is challenging outdated policy and law, or someone who stands in solidarity with their fellow Pioneers. We each can be a #Pioneer4Change!

10 gift ideas that show the Pioneer in your life you respect and support their dreams:

Disclaimer: We do NOT receive an affiliate commission for any of the products listed below, however — Product #2 is a product of the film, with 100% proceeds benefiting our impact plan. Pioneers in Skirts declares no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with any registered trademarks unless otherwise stated.

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