Pioneers in Skirts releases movie poster design


Raleigh, NC — Filmmakers for the social conscious impact documentary Pioneers in Skirts have confirmed they are releasing their movie poster design next week at the Women Deliver Film Festival during the Women Deliver Global Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst said, “Today we’re excited to be releasing the poster in time for our June 4 fine-cut preview screening! You’ll see this poster at future movie screenings, on our website, and in our social channels.”

When asked about the poster’s design, director Ashley Maria said, “We started with a theme of inclusivity that says: You’ve Got To Get Used To Seeing Me, and asked designer Bethany Ladd to craft a tone that gives advocacy a cool factor. We asked her to provide options that showcase imagery of diverse, ambitious women.”

Lea-Ann added, “Bethany delivered far beyond our expectations.”

“Consistency and filling a space with purpose is important in good design,” Bethany, a graphic designer with 15 years of design experience, noted. “I wanted the Pioneers in Skirts movie poster to utilize the Pioneer Green color and the film’s branded fonts along with a collection of female faces who could represent any of us.”

But more importantly her design goal was to express a feeling of optimism.

“It’s deliberately clean, stylized, and light,” Bethany said. “I was mindful to weave in brighter shading from the Pioneer green spectrum into the background so you felt the hope the film brings.”

Ashley Maria said, “The poster also reflects the movie’s message: You Are Not Alone. And that is a message many up-and-coming pioneering women need to know!”

Pioneers in Skirts preview-screens at the Women Deliver Film Festival during the Women Deliver Global Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 4, 2019.


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