Daughter-Mother Team

Ashley Maria
Ashley MariaDirector, Producer, Co-Writer
Ashley Maria is a filmmaker known for her work as a Writer and Director, including the Directors Guild of America (DGA) award winning short – Friday Night Fright™.

After years of studio and independent production experience, in 2014, the DGA featured Ashley as representing “the future of women in film.”

When she and her female colleagues noticed they were consistently turned down for jobs as being inexperienced “woman-directors,” Ashley picked up her camera to make her first feature, Pioneers in Skirts.

Find out more about Ashley at ashley-maria.com, and peruse her filmmaking credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Lea-Ann Berst
Lea-Ann BerstProducer, Co-Writer, Marketing
Lea-Ann W. Berst is an award-winning business woman with an accomplished track record in business and community service. From the Business Journal’s Women in Business award, to several Society of Technical Communication Awards and IBM Awards of Excellence — she’s consistently recognized as a dynamic and outstanding leader.

In 2011, she started producing and marketing documentaries aimed at making positive change in the world.

Her second film with Director Ashley Maria, Lea-Ann is the Producer and Co-Writer of Pioneers in Skirts.

Find out more about Lea-Ann at sleddogg.com, and peruse her filmmaking credits by visiting her IMDb page.

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Crystal Lentz
Crystal LentzEditor
Crystal is a television and feature film Editor. Her credits include the documentary series “The First 48” for A&E as well as several years on “Project Runway” and “Project Runway All Stars” for LIFETIME television.

A passionate advocate for equality, she was attracted by Ashley’s story and the remarkable journey taken during the film.

Find out more about Crystal’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Jordan Balagot
Jordan BalagotMusic Composer
Jordan Balagot is a composer for film, television and new media in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been featured in films including I Do, Killer Elite, and Cloud Atlas.

Jordan holds a B.M. in Composition from Oberlin Conservatory of Music and an M.F.A. in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago.

Find out more about Jordan’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Brooke Butner
Brooke ButnerLegal Counsel
Brooke is a licensed attorney (TX and CA) and graduate of the Peter Stark Program at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

She has a strong understanding of the entertainment industry, studio management, distribution channels, financing structures, and producing for film, television, and new media.

Find out more about Brooke’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Tom Bloczynski
Tom BloczynskiGraphic Designer
Tom is a motion graphics designer working in visual effects and graphics for the entertainment industry. He specializes in video, animation, web, coding, design, and illustration.

He loves pretty pictures and making a difference.

Find out more about Tom’s credits by visiting his website.

Devon Kelley
Devon KelleySound Editor and Designer
Devon is a feature film Sound Editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her credits include “Captain America: Civil War”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, “Ferdinand”, “Doctor Strange” and more.

As a young woman who is passionate about her career, Devon feels a personal connection to Ashley’s story.

Find out more about Devon’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Tiffany Hope
Tiffany HopeEditor
Tiffany is an Editor for television and feature films, including 3 seasons of the top 10 ABC hit TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” and multiple documentary series for Discovery, CNN and CNBC.

She also edited the critically acclaimed rock documentary “Anvil: The Story Of Anvil,” and was selected as one of the inaugural LA RocknRoll Camp For Girls music video editing instructors.

Find out more about Tiffany’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Rebecca Chan
Rebecca ChanSound Engineer
Rebecca is a Location Sound Mixer (20TH CENTURY WOMEN, BURNING DOG, GIRL FLU) who specializes in television, film and webseries.

Rebecca is also one of the few sound mixers in Hollywood who speaks fluent Chinese.

Find out more about Rebecca’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Liz Yarwood
Liz YarwoodCinematographer
Liz Yarwood is a Cinematographer who shoots in a wide variety of film and digital formats, including 3D.

She’s also the Writer & Creator of the comedy webseries LA Picker!

Find out more about Liz’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Pablo Vega
Pablo VegaMusic Supervisor, Composer
Pablo Vega is a film and video game Composer and Sound Engineer from Durham, North Carolina.

Founder of The Workshop music studio, Pablo lends his talents to our film to guide all music-based film work efforts.

Find out more about Pablo’s by visiting his website at theworkshop.studio.

Angela Juzswik
Angela JuzswikEditor
Angela Juzswik is an Editor whose work is influenced by surrealism, music and cultures.

Angela jumped at the opportunity to join our team to be a part of the conversation of women’s equity. She brings her passion of visual driven pieces to this film and enjoys experimenting with editing styles. She and co-editor Lauren work side by side in the editing room.

Find out more about Angela’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.

Johnny DelToro
Johnny DelToroComposer
Johnny is a Composer and Arranger for vocal groups, documentaries, and indie movies. He received his B.A. in Music from Bucknell University.

His songs, arrangements, and productions have received many awards, as well as placement on multiple compilation albums.

Find out more about Johnny by visiting his bio at thevocalcompany.com.

Lauren Freedman
Lauren FreedmanEditor
Lauren Freedman is an Editor best known for her work with the NHL Network and Microsoft HoloLens.

A comedy enthusiast, Lauren has the sense of humor we need for this film. She joined our team to make a difference and impact real change for career-driven women. She and co-editor Angela work side by side in the editing room.

Find out more about Lauren’s credits by visiting her IMDb page.