Ignite The Arts livestream fundraiser

Pioneers in Skirts had the honor of being chosen to participate in a #IgniteTheArts livestream fundraiser with our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas.

23 of Fractured Atlas’s projects pitched their stories over a 3-hour span of time! We shared our impact goals with #PioneersinSkirts and explained what “impact” really looks like. 

Click here to view our fundraising page and, if you would like to contribute, please donate to our movie impact fund. We’re raising impact seed funding of $60,000 to create screening kits and educational programs in several languages, translate the film (subtitles), and enhance the audience experience!

#BEtheChange 🔥 #BEaPioneer 💪 #moviefundraiser #impactfilm #equalityforall  #equity

Livestreamed through Fractured Atlas’s Facebook page and YouTube, you can view our 5-min pitch here!

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