Host a Movie Premiere!

Use the power of film to:

Raise awareness for cultural biases

Foster productive and meaningful discussions

Generate actionable change

When you choose the Film Premiere Event option when booking a screening of Pioneers in Skirts, you will be securing a unique status that lets your viewers know they are part of something very exciting and meaningful.

Infuse the tone and message of the film —

From the red carpet and pre-screening experiential activities, to post-screening audience conversations & surveys, to post-event initiatives like group trainings — you’ll be able to host a cohesive event that aligns with the movie themes and your DEI ideals.

Make your event a day to remember!

With the help of our comprehensive screening kit, elevate your plans by focusing on design and experiential elements. And, when you bring the filmmakers, local celebrities, and/or subject experts to your event, your attendees will have an immersive experience they will never forget!

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