Film Premiere Event Status

When you choose the Film Premiere option when booking a screening of Pioneers in Skirts, you will be showing your viewers that they are part of something very exciting and meaningful.

From the red carpet activities, to post-screening audience conversations, to follow-on initiatives like team-building events — host a cohesive premiere event that aligns with your core values.

Use the power of film to:

Raise awareness for cultural biases

Foster productive and meaningful discussions

Generate actionable change

Oh, the possibilities!

  • Be creative. Premiere events can be flexible and innovative.
  • Collaborate with other communities who want to host female-empowering events and share resources.
  • Try a mixed approach. We can help you blend a variety of components that feature a mix of virtual conversations, drive-in and theatrical screenings, and Live Watch Parties!


  • Simply complete the screening application and pick the Film Premiere Event Status option.
  • Receive a price quote that includes your screening package + the add-on Premiere option.
  • Finalize the screening details, sign the licensing agreement, and make payment.


  • Elevate your promotional efforts by offering a true movie premiere experience.
  • Provide an inspiring environment where people can continue their journey of recognizing sexism, learning to be better allies, and empowering the next generation of girls.
  • Affiliation with the Emmy-nominated impact film — Pioneers in Skirts.
  • When you involve like-minded groups, you can build rapport with community and business leaders and promote positive relations and networking opportunities.
  • Substantial media coverage opportunities for sponsoring businesses and organizations.
Most of all, have fun!

Make your event a day to remember!

With the help of our comprehensive Screening Kit and the involvement of our filmmakers, you will elevate your plans and give your audience an immersive experience they will never forget!

Host a Screening of Pioneers in Skirts
Host a post-screening discussion
employee data
Gather data
Kids from Nova Scotia
Strike a pose
Inspire meaningful change
red carpet event
Walk the red carpet
Zap banner for Pioneers in Skirts
Print your own zap (pull-up) banner
Offer overflow seating
Career discussions
Invite Ashley & Lea-Ann!