Upgrade to Premiere Status

Available for select City, Corporate and Campus events, this package provides you with a unique opportunity to organize and run an official premiere of Pioneers in Skirts! Focus on the film itself, as well as the red carpet, the entertainment, the celebrities, and more. An event your attendees will enjoy! 

Oh, the possibilities!

  • Be creative. Premiere events can be flexible and innovative.
  • Collaborate with other communities who host female-empowering events to share ideas and resources.
  • Try a hybrid approach. Since this Premiere option is typically intended for in-person screenings, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a hybrid approach. We can help you blend a variety of components that feature a mix of virtual Q&As and meaningful conversations, drive-in and theatrical screenings, VIP invitations, a broadcast-quality filmmaker event, and more!
  • Let our team hear from you! We welcome your feedback and are always available to help ensure you have a successful movie premiere.

How to get started

  • Simply complete the screening application and pick the Film Premiere Event Status option.
  • Receive a price quote designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Finalize the screening details, sign the Premiere licensing agreement, and make payment.
  • You will receive a comprehensive Screening Kit, complete with guidelines and winning strategies to host an Official Premiere screening in your community.

Included in the Official Premiere license

  • License and rights to screen the film and host an official movie premiere of Pioneers in Skirts.
  • Artwork files to allow you to create co-branded promotional content.
  • Screening materials: screening kit, social media templates, graphic files, sponsor materials and access to Pioneers in Skirts online resources.
  • Link to your website and event information on the Pioneers in Skirts website
  • Pioneers in Skirts Activation staff support to help you make the most of this opportunity!


  • Elevate your promotional efforts by offering a true movie premiere experience.
  • Provide an inspiring environment where people can continue their journey of recognizing sexism, learning to be better allies, and empowering the next generation of girls.
  • Affiliation with the multi-award winning impact film — Pioneers in Skirts.
  • When you involve like-minded groups, you can build rapport with community and business leaders and promote positive relations and networking opportunities.
  • Substantial media coverage opportunities for sponsoring businesses and organizations.

“Premiere” add-on fees:

Local Premiere: $1,600 (company, association, community)

EDU Premiere: $1000 (district, campus, school)

National / International Corporate or Association Premiere: $3,600

100% of the “Premiere” funds go right back into our impact campaign!

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