Pioneers in Skirts preview slated for June


RALEIGH, NC – Producers for the impact documentary Pioneers in Skirts have confirmed their preview screening to take place at the Women Deliver Film Festival on June 4, 2019 during the Women Deliver Global Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Pioneers in Skirts is an entertaining examination of gender parity in the workplace from the perspective of a female filmmaker who produced the film out of frustration with her own problems in the industry. She and her crew traveled the U.S. to make this investigative documentary – weaving in relatable human stories with expert opinions. The film expands to include other industries and society in general.

Director Ashley Maria said, “Screening a fine-cut version at the world’s most prestigious women’s equal rights conference is so exciting for us. Our story fits directly into the conference mission, so we think of this as kismet. Our film is perfectly aligned.”

Held every 3 years, Women Deliver 2019 has a focus on power, and how it can drive – or hinder – progress and change for women and girls.

Pioneers in Skirts reveals the career obstacles Ashley and many other women with pioneering ambitions still have to deal with today, what realistically can be done about them, and how we all can play a role in dramatically changing the outcome for women today — and the next generation,” explained producer Lea-Ann W. Berst.

She also noted that the Women Deliver conference is the world’s largest event on gender equality and gathers activists and press from around the globe.

According to the Women Deliver Film Festival site, “Over 8,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, artists and journalists will flock to Vancouver with dreams of accelerating progress for girls and women everywhere.”

The Women Deliver Film Festival hand-picked socially conscience films that will energize conference attendees, and provide them with a tool they can use for achieving their goals.

Pioneers in Skirts can be a part of an overall plan for raising awareness, educating, and instigating people to want to take action. Impact story tellers know – when an audience responds positively after a screening, impact goals are achieved,” said Ashley Maria. “We crafted our story so that people and organizational leaders who watch our film will gain insights into the issue of diminishing ambition and workplace bias. They will also see first-hand how it affects women as they enter the workforce.”

She added, “Our film was made to help pioneer positive change. Lea-Ann and I look forward to having Pioneers in Skirts’ story be a part of this global conversation of advancing women and girls!”

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