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Using Film to Foster Meaningful Discussion

December 1, 2022 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm America/Las Vegas

An Educators Guide

Whether or not your students are interested in pursuing a specific career, everyone should know more about how the culture around them can shape how they think about themselves and their careers.

Film can be a powerful instructional and motivational tool in the classroom. When students watch impact documentaries like Pioneers in Skirts, they experience the perspectives of people who are outside of their current world view – and as they process what they have seen, they self-reflect and begin to foster greater empathy for others.

Ashley & Lea-Ann speak to students!

When you host a Pioneers in Skirts movie event, you are sharing a movie about pioneering ambition. This is an award-winning film that raises awareness to the cultural biases that can impact a girl’s or a woman’s drive to achieve great things in her life. This 60-min film addresses the stereotyping and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her feel like she must re-think her dreams.

WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER: vimeo.com/386090624

It’s a hopeful and positive film, too. Many viewers leave knowing they are not alone. And many viewers leave feeling inspired – they see their role in the solution, and they feel motivated to act. From classrooms to school or district-wide events, students are taught to comprehend and analyze the film, watch the film, and end with a meaningful discussion about the film.

Join us as the Director and Producer of Pioneers in Skirts lead an interactive presentation where you will –

1. Meet this dynamic daughter-mother filmmaking team: Ashley Maria and Lea-Ann W. Berst!

2. Learn how to organize and use the power of film to positively impact and inspire students

  • Comprehend: introduce students to key concepts – like prejudice, discrimination, stereotype threat
  • Analyze: help students to understand important concepts about life
  • Meaningful conversations: help students understand different lenses through which they can view their own life

3. Hear about how educators have already used the film to foster meaningful discussions about the practical ways of combating stereotyping, sexism, and cultural biases

  • See for yourself how students (grades 6-12) felt after seeing the film – how it expanded their world, introduced them to the struggles others are going through, and made them evaluate their own situation.

4. Be able to take advantage of a special offer they’ve set up for schools and districts!

Watching the movie in advance of this session is not a requirement. However, you are invited to attend the ACTE November 30th theatrical screening of Pioneers in Skirts at Galaxy Theaters in the Las Vegas Boulevard Mall: click here for information.  Alternatively, you can watch the movie on at home via Vimeo.

For more information about Pioneers in Skirts, visit www.PioneersinSkirts.com

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Las Vegas Convention Center

Use the power of film to foster meaningful impact in your community. 

CLICK HERE to learn how you can host a movie screening of your own!