TREYARCH NEWS// In March, we celebrated Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to recognizing the diverse experiences of women and honoring their enduring strength, wisdom, and beauty throughout personal and professional growth. As part of our commemoration, Treyarch and the Ladies Who Launch group had the privilege of hosting Ashley Maria, the creator of the impactful documentary film, Pioneers in Skirts, for a Fireside Chat. 

Pioneers in Skirts, narrated by Ashley Maria, is a thought-provoking 60-minute documentary that has been nominated for a regional Emmy Award. The film delves into the challenges that hinder ambitious women, shedding light on the stereotypes and sexism that can impede their progress, limit their potential, and force them to reconsider their aspirations. 

During the event, Ashley Maria shared insights into the film’s themes and discussed the motivation behind its creation alongside her mother, the film’s producer. The conversation was both empowering and enlightening, sparking a meaningful dialogue among attendees and prompting reflections on their individual roles in addressing gender-related challenges. 

Carolyn Wang with Ashley Maria

In Ashley Maria’s own words, “Treyarch has fostered an environment of welcomed & open discussion, and I’m honored our film Pioneers in Skirts could play a small part in that. I left the event saying to myself ‘THIS is why we made Pioneers in Skirts!’ The conversations we had afterwards are what keep us motivated on this journey to reaching gender equity. Thank you for having us!” 

It was truly inspiring to witness the impact of Pioneers in Skirts and to see firsthand the power of collective dialogue in driving positive change. Let’s continue to champion inclusivity and empowerment in our workplaces and communities. #WomenEmpowerment #GenderEquality #PioneersInSkirts #Treyarch #LadiesWhoLaunch #WomensHistoryMonth