Meet the men who have our back

In order for women to achieve equal representation in their careers, it’s important to have the backing of both women and men.

It’s more common to see women advocating for women, though, but how can men get more involved? Well let us tell you! Male advocates must see equal representation as a necessity, have a stake in the cause, and then take action.

That’s why we have made sure men are a part of this film – from the very beginning.

And wow, have they taken action! There are some amazingly talented men in support of Pioneers in Skirts – from skilled filmmakers who volunteer to be a part of our crew, to the men in our personal lives who ask, “what do you need me to do?” We can’t be more pleased with the support we’ve seen as we make this film!

And, when we needed help beyond the set, these are the men who didn’t hesitate (at all)!

Pablo Vega Pablo Vega

Composer Pablo Vega has joined our team as Music Supervisor to manage the score (the music) and the theme song for the film! Pablo is a new father — telling us that he’s excited to work with us because, “I want to help make my daughter’s world better than my wife’s.”

More DetailsDan Lebental Dan Lebental

The Editor of incredibly popular films like Elf, Iron Man and Ant Man, Dan Lebental, has signed on as a Mentor to the Film! As mentor to our director (Ashley Maria) and the Pioneers in Skirts editing team, Dan will help us structure our story so that it is sure to be engaging and impactful.

More DetailsBrad Feld Brad Feld

Nationally recognized early stage investor and entrepreneur, Brad Feld, has joined our team as Executive Producer. Brad not only advised us on how to meet our Kickstarter fundraising goals, he is advising on how to recruit sponsors who can help us bring this much-need film to fruition.

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