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Meaningful Change: SendGrid’s Donation to Pioneers in Skirts

Len Shneyder January 23, 2019 • 4 min read

On average we spend 1/3rd of our day, as adults, at a job—the places we work constitute a substantial part of our life, thus helping ensure that the workplace is a safe and equitable environment. This is part of why SendGrid focuses so heavily on our culture and enabling each of our Gridders to do their very best work.

We can all agree that our world is far from perfect. Change often doesn’t come easily, and, in a world with hard costs and personal tolls, the cost of change is hard to quantify in dollars alone. But when a tremendous will and capacity to create meaningful change is discovered we should all do what we can to support that effort, especially if it is one that seeks to change something as fundamental as our workplace.

Putting a stake in the ground

With that in mind, it’s our great pleasure to announce that SendGrid has decided to help change the workplace dynamic by donating toward the completion of a documentary called Pioneers in Skirts.

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