Movie endorsement from M3AAWG

We screened a preview of Pioneers in Skirts to a group of cyber security super heroes back in February. We knew they enjoyed the movie, but wow! Today they endorsed it!!

Thank you M3AAWG!!!

Here’s a snippet of what they had to say — 


M3AAWG leadership invited the filmmakers of Pioneers in Skirts to join our meeting in San Francisco to deliver a keynote presentation sharing their experiences about why they made the film and what impact they hoped for. After the keynote, M3AAWG leadership sat down to have a one-on-one conversation with the filmmakers to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the organization based on the film and how the Pioneers in Skirts documentary is an excellent catalyst for starting the fruitful dialog needed when an organization wants to build a more inclusive culture.

The filmmakers were kind enough to give M3AAWG members a preview screening of the movie after the day’s meeting sessions were complete and the feedback from members was amazing. Change starts with creating empathy for what others are experiencing and the movie has a story that does just that.

The screening leaves viewers with an understanding they did not have before and a feeling of hope and a drive to do something to change the culture – to act. It might be the very personal step of catching your own bias or the much bigger step of admitting there is a systemic problem that requires a resolution. Either way, people left the screening realizing the enormous size of the problem. Achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace requires an investment we ALL have to make.

With the extremely positive response and feedback from our member community for the Pioneers in Skirts film, M3AAWG became an official supporter of the documentary and highly recommends other organizations in the industry view the trailer on their website and reach out to the filmmakers to understand more about their incredible journey.

By Janet Jones, M3AAWG Board of Directors Vice Chair; Diversity and Inclusion Chair; and Data and Identity Protection Committee Co-Chair

You can read Janet’s entire statement here on the M3AAWG blog.

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