Ashley Maria featured in Women & The Ways We Work article

North Carolina-based Lindsay K. Saunders is passionate about the importance of communicating complex information creatively. When note working professionally as a freelance writer and editor, Lindsay devotes her time to advocacy with regard to feminism, equality, and other issues surrounding poverty issues with organizations like RESULTS.

She recently sat down with Ashley Maria to talk about — why this movie, why now?

Like many women, including myself, faced obstacles with her career starting, stopping, and then navigating the perceptions and unique barriers for women, as the waves of feminism progress in a male-dominated world. Still, nevertheless she persists with innovation and reflection to grow and make changes to better the communities she lives in for the people — men and women — around the world.

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We totally appreciate how she ends her article with this call-to-action:

The next time you watch a movie, sit back and watch the many names in the credits at the end. When you make a documentary, it takes an army of supporters and volunteers and skilled professionals. I’d love for anyone moved by this story to make a donation, or find out if your company would like to support women and girls — and help Pioneers in Skirts finish post-production and get in front of people who need to see it!

Thank you Lindsay! We totally enjoyed working with you!!

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