We’re Up for Indiewire Project of the Month!

…which would be a huge win for our film!!

In September we had another huge win when we completed a successful Kickstarter campaign. Not only did the Kickstarter bring in the funds we needed to finish production on the film, and begin the efforts of transitioning into post-production — the Kickstarter also brought more eyes on the film itself.

But, we need a lot more eyes on the film. The winner of this voting contest receives an Indiewire-written story about their documentary film. Big influential eyes will be on the film — which means there will be opportunities to raise more funds to finish the film, increased awareness of the topic and the film, and more distribution options that can lead to more eyes seeing the film when it’s done!

If you’d like to help us better prepare today and tomorrow’s working woman for the careers they are working so hard to have — please vote!


Follow these steps. If not, your vote will not count!

1) Visit Indiewire by CLICKING HERE.
2) VOTE for Pioneers in Skirts.
3) Enter your EMAIL address, then click on “VOTE” again.
4) Check your email for an email from “Polldaddy” and click on “Confirm Vote.” 


Please help us SPREAD THE WORD – post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use email if that works!

A couple of suggestions for approaching people in person…

If you’re in a coffee shop and see a person you’d like to meet but you’re not sure what to say – walk over and ask them to vote!

If you’re in an office, get everyone at your office to vote. But don’t stop there. Awkwardly stand over them as they do it.

This will be a tough race to win, so please vote – and don’t forget, you can use ALL your email accounts to score even more votes!

Pioneer on!

Sampling of social media shares ~

Indiewire Voting Quote for Pioneers in Skirts




Indiewire Voting Quote for Pioneers in Skirts Indiewire Voting Quote for Pioneers in Skirts Indiewire Voting Quote for Pioneers in Skirts

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