What happened in January? A lot!

We’ve been doin’ it in January? Pioneers in Skirts exhibits the “empowerment of choice” by meeting the women who have, who are, or who will be facing choices in their careers. How did they do it and how can we learn from them? With that in mind, we hit the ground running on January 2nd to continue to follow teenagers Maddy & Sophia and new mom Lily!

What’s next? In February we head to Nebraska. Why would this crew (who loves being in warm weather) go to Nebraska in February? Well…there’s a special story there that just can’t wait. We’ll share that with you next month!

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The crew hangs out with the Yeti robotics team
Yoga 2 Pro from Lenovo

When we told Lenovo that we needed laptops to travel with us to film sets you won’t believe what we got! Thank you Lenovo!!
A ThinkPad Yoga 2-in-1 convertible notebook with a high-end processor AND a Yoga Tablet 2 Pro with built in projector and JBL speakers!
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Kat Cole
One of our Experts in the film, Kat Cole keeps inspiring us. Cinnabon’s current President, Kat Cole, was promoted to take on a larger role with the parent company as Group President, FOCUS Brands!
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Maddy & Sophia, both 14, have had to decide what career to go after. Yes! At 14! Even though they should be just now discovering their career goals – they both had an opportunity they could not pass up. We continue to follow them to find out what happens. They are confident and determined, and we show in the film how they found their voice at such a young age!Lily is a millennial who recently had her first child. We first met Lily before she became pregnant. Soon after she found out the good news, she decided to wait to announce her pregnancy in fear that her employer would not grant her the promotion she so deserved. Why did she feel she needed to keep it a secret? We followed her and learned that her instincts were right. Now that she’s had her baby, what’s next for Lily and her career? Is she already experiencing the “motherhood penalty”? Is this Lily’s future?
Well that’s Nicole Jefferies – a global business executive. On weekends she is a high performance driving coach for national motorsports organizations and a volunteer instructor for teen defensive driving schools. In September we visited Nicole at work and on the track. We learned how she applies her racetrack skills in the workplace; how she stays focused and present at work.
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Ashley & Lea-Ann

The film encourages every woman to be a pioneer in her own career.

A film funded with grants and individual & corporate donors, our aim is to better prepare the next generation of working women for these obstacles so that one day these obstacles will become a thing of the past. You can watch a promotional trailer for Pioneers in Skirts here: https://vimeo.com/98785658.

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