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Pioneers in Skirts delivers a story that opens the door for productive conversations about topics of stereotyping, sexism, and the realities of others. The film is ideal for families who are raising children to think critically and speak up against sexism and gender inequalities, companies who are building their culture of solidarity and support, and communities who are providing ways for people to work together for the common good.

Our movie-end theme song, Freeway, was written by teen Mia Yara and performed by teen band The Controll Freex. 

Nevada Women's Film Festival Award, Black
Winner of Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2020
Impact Docs
Curator's Choice Award Winner Logo


  • Directed by Ashley Maria
  • Produced by Lea-Ann W. Berst, Ashley Maria
  • Sound Edit by Amy Reynolds Reed
  • Composed by Jordan Balagot
  • Sound Editing & Design by Devon Kelley at Skywalker Sound
  • Sound Mix by Vicki Lemar at Technicolor Post-Production Sound
  • Edited by Tiffany Hope, Ashley Maria, Crystal Lentz
  • Production Sound by Rebecca Chan
  • Cinematography by Liz Yarwood
  • Written by Lea-Ann W. Berst, Ashley Maria
  • Graphic Design by Tom Bloczynski
  • Movie Theme Song “Freeway” by Mia Yara