The Making Of Newsletter – June 2015

Here you’ll find highlights from our adventures as we follow main characters and interview topic experts! What have we been up to since our last update?

We closed out on two main character storylines!

  • Maddy and Sophia, two teenage girls on a robotics team, who first learned engineering, as well as leadership and confidence, while on an all-girls team. Now on their co-ed team, they are the first to jump in, the first to grab the drill, and the first to share their ideas.
  • Lily, a new mom with a full time job, was fearful of announcing her pregnancy until she received her raise. Is the “mommy penalty” going to impact her success?

We jumped head first into outreach! Ashley and Lea-Ann spoke to a global group at SAP and shared some tidbits of what we’ve learned so far. IEEE Women in Engineering partnered with us to promote the film on their social media channels, as well as feature the film at their international conference held in April. And articles…press…videos — as you can see, we’ve been working on that too!

Our team grew! We’ve organized a structured approach to the University segment. Since one of the film’s targeted segments is “educated women who are starting out in their careers,” we plan to screen the film at universities across the U.S.

Meet UNC Chapel Hill’s Lauren McDonald and Louisiana State University’s Parrish Frisbee — university student volunteers helping us to find out how we can get more college women and men interested in the film.

What’s Next?
Be sure to follow us on social media as we travel to Colorado to film on the topics of:

  • developing male advocates
  • relationship dynamics women have with men in the workplace
  • women in the start-up scene.

We will also host a special roundtable discussion with college women to hear what they see in their future!

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