Are You Up For Our Kickstarter Challenge?!!

UPDATE: Check out our Kickstarter page to see how we did and watch this video to see how the the challenge turned out!

On September 19 our Pioneers in Skirts Kickstarter campaign will be over. We’ve raised a lot of money so far but need to keep going if we’re going to be able to keep it all! DID YOU KNOW that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal? If we do not reach our goal amount, we do not receive ANY of the donations. Nobody does! Sad face, right?

SO WE CHALLENGE YOU — Ashley Maria (our director) is willing to do something really embarrassing to get YOU to help us get to the $40K level by Sunday September 13 — 4pm PST!!!


Step 1: Visit our Kickstarter page by clicking here (and watch the video we put together just for you!)

Step 2: Please pledge ANY amount

Please email…post in social media…tell friends at your next dinner event…tell your friends who write blogs!! — we need as many eyes as we can get on our Kickstarter page!

Step 4: Vote for the song you’d like to hear

KS challenge tweet

How to vote?
  Tweet something like this:

Up for a challenge? My vote is: #____________  @WomenPioneers  #BEaPioneer





Choice 1 –> #UptownGirl

Choice 2 –> #SugarSugar

Choice 3 –> #Buttercup (Build Me Up Buttercup)

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