In order to achieve gender equality, we must have gender equity across diverse segments, everywhere.

Pioneers in Skirts® is a character-driven documentary addressing the stereotyping and sexism women & girls with pioneering ambitions are forced to combat.

We traveled the U.S. over the course of 4 years and learned, in order to achieve gender equality, we must have gender equity across diverse segments, everywhere.

It all starts with changing the narrative from expecting women to “just fix yourself” to demanding the causes of gender disparity to get fixed. Our story shows how.


To fine-tune the story and the impact the film will make, we’ve privately test-screened the film to diverse audiences around the globe.

We’ve already begun to see how conversations are leading to action.

  • People are contacting their employers about elevating their diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Associations are exposing their membership to a more authentic understanding of the culture around them.

And, women are sharing that they are beginning to realize that they are not alone.


Fundraising to finish the film. We’re in the most expensive part of the documentary filmmaking process…post-production.

The film is currently in 85-min theatrical screener and 59-min event screener fine rough-cut stages.


Play a role in the success of pioneering women and girls!

The making of Pioneers in Skirts relies on generous donations from individuals like you.

You can:

Our Progress Raising Film-Finishing Funds


Are you a company on a mission to achieve gender equity in the workplace?

Take the lead on achieving a diverse & inclusive work environment. Get involved with Pioneers in Skirts!

You can:

This is what a Corporate Community Partner looks like —

During Post-Production (right now)

This is the most expensive part of the documentary filmmaking process. Today, we have both an 85-min (theatrical screener) and a 59-min (event screener) fine cut of the film. They’re awesome, and we know you will think so, too!

SPONSOR POST-PRODUCTION WORK EFFORTS: The film currently contains a blend of final and temporary music and graphics. When that’s done we will need to high-res (online) and color correct the footage.

An added bonus to being involved with the film now: your company name will be featured in the movie credits!

After We Premiere

SPONSOR OUTREACH EFFORTS — build buzz around the message of the film and help us screen around the globe! We have a lot of plans that we’re working on right now (community events and university roadshows) and need Partners who want to come along for the ride!