A special note for all the people who’ve had our back!

We are so honored you have supported us on this journey. You have humbled and energized us. From those who volunteered their time and expertise to those who generously donated to the film’s production and post-production efforts, we say THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of our pioneering hearts —

Lea-Ann W. Berst
Ashley Maria

Documentary stories are an impactful way to humanize social issues and inspire change. 

To help us fast-track our efforts towards premiere, we created a GoFundMe in addition to asking for tax-deductible donations via our fiscal sponsor page. We also put out a call for corporate supporters who are on a mission to create a gender-balanced workplace.

Click here for more: https://www.pioneersinskirts.com/the-documentary-about-ambition/support-the-film/. Every dollar really does help.

fa-logoFractured Atlas is our Fiscal Sponsor — a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of Pioneers in Skirts are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. When you donate via Fractured Atlas, we pay a 7% service fee to them.

The folks you see listed here have been supporting us since Day 1 and continue to support us as we complete the film. You guys rock!

A special THANK YOU to the Business and Professional Women’s organizations around the world who have donated towards the making of our film.

Maria Alexander Vanessa Bennett (2) Brooke Windsor Buckner
Hilaree Caldwell Julia Clark Susan Cope (3)
BPW Florida Memphis Area BPW Rose Fallon
Hollywood BPW (2)
BPW Auckland, New Zealand Linda Karolak
Washington State BPW Leona La Perriere Susan K. Land
Woodinville BPW Paula Loughlin (2) Paloma Martinez
Jochen May Jennifer Olson Jane Park
Shelley Roth Lia Schwinghammer (2) Katherine Sliva
Tammy White Suzette Cotto Grumpa Group
Jeanne Atwell Tiffany Breitkreutz The Community Foundation Boulder County
Eileen Connors Elizabeth Fennell Brian Glover
Joyce Hamilton (2) Jason Harris Trish Heald
Laura Largent Susan Mueller Lenovo Employees Care Campaign
Jon Mertz Dave Needham Matt Novack
Molly Page Lauren Phelps Marsha Riibner-Cady (2)
Chad Rittenbaum The Seattle Foundation Patricia Sledge
Hal Shear Jenifer Simpson Megan Speer
Richard Sprinkle (2) Rhea Uhl Kayley Viteo
Sonja Warfield Kara Renee Weems Whole Foods Market – Pearl Street
BPW Calusa Jeanette Yara Armen Yedalyan
Tunkhannock BPW Schenectady BPW Several Anonymous Donors

We created a GoFundMe campaign to help us raise money for specific post-production costs. Every donation is ours to keep, whether or not we reach our goal. While it’s free to launch our campaign, a 3% fee is deducted from each donation.

Amy Adrion William Viklund Clay Woodward
Brian Glover Cherrl-Lou Jacobson Andrea Williams
Maria Gonzalez Tamesia Ggarner Kristelle Monterrosa
Isabella Lenarduzzi Christy Walker Janice Rowley
Diane Chriscaden Suzette Cotto JuelleAnn Boyer
Becca Louisell Darin Saavedra Annie Ngo
Len Shneyder Stephanie Woodward Several Anonymous Donors

kickstarterWhen we needed to raise the funds to finish production efforts and begin the efforts of transitioning into post-production, we launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $50,000.

In September 2015, our Kickstarter campaign concluded with 231+ backers pledging their support. We couldn’t be more grateful to each every one of you for helping us finish production and begin the massive move into post-production.

Emily Rollins Sarah Bird Clay Woodward
Elizabeth Sullivan Brad Feld Lea-Ann & Dave Berst
Hilaree Caldwell Maggie Mraz Hope I. Hills, Ph.D., BCC
Priscilla Woodward Melissa Borden Jill Hickman Companies
Adair Cole Stephanie Woodward Trystan Bard McClellan
Barb Steele Laura Hartwick Julianne W Tomkovick
Julie Powsner Lucinda Sanders Alida Zweidler-McKay
Terence J Fagan Jaynee Beach Karl Williams
Suzette Cotto Josie Azzam Kathy Van Every
Genevieve Santos Sara Skora Lauren McDonald
Hillari Kenneth Nollett Greg Hodges
John McDonald Colleen Jenifer Simpson
Jesse Lawrence William Thompson Lia Schwinghammer
Karen Crofton Amy Crisp Seattle PHP User Group
Ellyn J. Shook Cara Yara Audra Esposito
Al Bird Susan Land Liz Allen Pearce
Jill T. Zivley Rhea Uhl Micah Baldwin
Edwin Stevens Kelli Joan Bennett Dawn Kamoche
Jean Lewis Delany Bisbee Bob Wall/JP Pomnichowski
Evelyn Harris Neal Gettinger Pablo Vega
James Conrad Devin BPW/North Carolina
Cheryl Kitchner SJ Weinheimer Dan Lebental
Lucas Wiseman Ken Wilson Michelle Goldberg
David Nebbia Peter & Cathy Berst Northern Imagination
Roozbeh Dadvand Jon Mertz Susan Reynolds
Liz Singh Maggie Brickerman Paul & Mary Berst, Ph.D.
Susan Cope Carolyn Corbett Laurie Ruettimann
Marty Hamed Marie Ian Goslin
Marcello Dubaz Helga Gutmann Darin
P A Orrange Nicole Rivera Susana Monteverde
Howard Myones Laura Wiest Flor Dimassi
Jacqueline Gareth Coker Riddhi Sanghvi
Seth Eklund Lee Anne McClymont Rosalie Taylor-Robinson
Kirstie Blair Raynor Virginia W. Adamson
Angela B. Maria Giese Kathleen & Dan McDonald
Cathy Cooper Kelsey T Morgan Elizabeth Yarwood
JDK Francie Dunlap Grayson/MaryEllen Randall
Marilyn Buhlmann Maritte Go Camden Watts
Vanessa Benn Lura Vernon Nathalie de Bruijn
Gabriela Cyn Macgregor Andrew Harrison
Bryan Luby Amanda Harris Melissa Jones
Mary Seagrave Celia La Crystal Williams
Elizabeth Stewart MaryJo Lang Deirdre Breakenridge
Molly Page Dr. Jo Naylor Satomi Mack-Martin
Marica Bautista Kimberly P. Pat Sledge
Aaron Erin Gallagher Hadia Block
Mikki Kline Will Blank Marsha Riibner-Cady
Lily Durbin Chad Rittenbaum Nikol Murphy
Cameron Reynolds Halley Emily Elizabeth Peters
Mariam Joe Camerota Michael Roybal
Jennifer Gentry Jackson White Jen Van Horn
Alisha Templeton Laura Stavinoha Adele Berst
Patrick Walsh rkt88edmo aaronindenver
Kirsty Hannam Gfeller Amanda Tasse
Janelle Santi Stewart Hopewell Chiyume
Jamie Bullock Marjory Hopper Danielle Myers
Carol Brainard Andrew Mitchell Nigel DeFriez/Diana Joy
Lisa Shelley Roth Xing-Mai Deng
Elizabeth Bubriski Jessica Casey Evan Underwood
Martha Lowrance Lauren Phelps Olalah Njenga
Jeanette Yara Destri Martino Krista N Armentrout
Tulica Singh Julie Tomkovick Patti Oringel Shank
Justin Warren Josh Eiserike Julienne Irons
Antonio Perez Nancy Murray Billy Keenly
Julia Yarwood Cindy Guenthner Rebecca Louisell
Rick McDonald Sarah Ferrier Jochen May
Lauren Lisa Dare Christine Wyrich
Adam E. Falk Shiran Carolyn Amir Ethan Teller
Emily Grandcolas Will Jobe Lisa Hunt
Trevor Gerd Neumann Deanna Stoker
Lucas Simmons Nick Benson Stacey Ann Shevlin
Cole Watts Beth Lopez Lorena Martin
Skinflow Elsa Sharon Jenkins
Marie Louisell Sriyal Nilanka Kathryn Rotondo
Ria Mullins Liza Melissa Evans-Glenn
Katrina Sauvé Biz Thorsen Kathleen Kruse

We take pride in what we’re accomplishing with this film. But without these skilled and dedicated people, we would never be able to capture professional content on film and execute our outreach marketing efforts. These people worked hard and make us look good. Thank you — thank you so, so much for being there when we needed you!

Off-Set On-Set On-Set
Lauren McDonald
– publicity, outreach
Rebecca Chan
– sound
Elizabeth Yarwood
– camera
Suzette Cotto
– outreach
Mindy Bledsoe
– camera
Jabari Harris
– camera
Lauren Freedman
– editing
Jake St. Peter
– camera
Alex Parker
– camera
Angela Juzswik
– editing
Ian Asbjørnsen
– camera
Mariam (MJ) McSpadden
– camera
Amabelle Lapa
– transcribing
Stephanie Woodward
– PA, crafty, interviewer
Peyton Skelton
– camera
Dan Lebental
– editing mentor
Derek Hodges
– PA, photographer
Melina Steensen
– PA, photographer
Marica Bautista
– transcribing
Suzette Cotto
– PA, crafty
Neal Gettinger
– sound
Brad Feld
– executive producer
Rosalie Robinson
– PA, crafty
Elizabeth Coggins
– camera
Pablo Vega
– music
Suzanne Blons
– makeup
Lauren McDonald
– PA, crafty
Jennifer Van Horn
– graphics
Larry Evans
– camera
Tim McKay
– camera
Stephanie Woodward
– writing, outreach
Rob Senska
– camera
Margot Wiseman
– camera, PA
Darin D. Saavedra
– graphics, editing
Cameron Reynolds
– camera, photographer
Justin Ryan Madriaga
– assistant director
Karl Williams
– consultant
Nicolette Daskalakis
– production design
Dawn Kamoche
– camera
Parrish Frisbee
– editing
Ethan Molomut
– sound
Aloura Charles
– camera
Barb Steele
– editing
Jen Van Horn
– PA
Finn Riley
– camera
Satomi Mack-Martin
– mascot story
Carlo Vega
– camera
Jill Zivley
– PA
Rosalie Robinson
– outreach
Michael Hearn
– PA
Lauren Olipra
– wardrobe
Christa Lee
– outreach
Emma Dean
– PA
Alexandru Panait
– camera
Kathy Van Every
– consultant
Jacob Fennell
– crafty
Hilaree Caldwell
– PA, crafty
Shannon Weiss
– editing
Camden W. Roessler
– graphics
Sam Griffin
– gear
Ron Saavedra
– graphics
 We’re not yet finished  making this list. More to come!!
 Jill Zivley
 Nick Salvetti
– graphics
 Genevieve Santos
– mascot design