In order to achieve gender equality, we must achieve gender equity across diverse segments, everywhere.

We’ve seen people leave our movie screenings wanting to take action —

  • People are contacting their forward-thinking employers about the need to improve-upon their existing diversity & inclusion initiatives.
  • Association leaders are exposing their membership to a more authentic understanding of the culture around them.
  • Parents are rethinking their ‘team activities & sports involvement’ and ‘gender role assumptions’ for daughters and sons.
  • Ambitious women realize they are not alone.

Pioneers in Skirts was made for communities with movements of their own, companies looking to better their culture, and schools who want their students to be aware of what’s ahead for them. Join us as we work to use the film to change the narrative of gender stereotypes and social norms.

Together we can make a difference!


It’ll take ALL of us to achieve gender parity in our world. We need to stand with women & girls to resolve the inequity and discrimination they face. It’s not about empowering women. Pioneering women already own their power. The thing is, women and men must accept the way women are using that power and showing their strength.

We must stand in solidarity with women & girls to battle the sexism and bias they experience.

Follow along with us as we take the film into the world. Find out what we’re seeing and hearing. Learn what we learn. Let us be your hub of information and action regarding activism and social change for women & girls.

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Play a role in the success of pioneering women and girls!

In a perfect world, companies around the globe would recognize the gender gap in their own organization and set goals to increase the number of diverse women at all levels. They’d focus a lot more on intersectional needs and realize they must create a sustainable culture that follows these kinds of values.

Pioneers in Skirts wants to play a role in achieving this perfect company world. Companies can:

Partners Wanted!

Are you a company on a mission to achieve gender equity in the workplace? Do you see a future where diverse & inclusive work environments are the norm?

Help us screen Pioneers in Skirts around the globe! We have a lot of plans that we’re working on (community events and university roadshows) and need powerful Partners who want to come along for the ride!

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