A movie about how we ALL can achieve gender parity

This multi-award-winning film talks about how everyday people experience and combat stereotyping, sexism, and bias. Audiences connect to the problem individually, experience a broadened perspective of what’s really happening around them, and awaken with a sense of responsibility and empathy that empowers them to make a difference.

In order for real change to happen, we are speaking with strong Brands who would like to team up and help us combine traditional outreach pathways with innovative strategies.

Support this women-led team!

Contribute directly to the impact we make via our ongoing GoFundMe page, tax-deductible Fractured Atlas page, or directly with a check to “Pioneers in Skirts.”

Screen Pioneers in Skirts as part of your ERG, D&I training, and/or on-boarding programs.

Team up and co-brand with us when creating impact materials, providing technology and services that empower us to make an impact, and/or producing screening events all over the globe.

Achieve Corporate Community Partner status when you make a $10,000 minimum contribution in funding, technology, or services. This unique opportunity allows for you to align your brand with the film, and —

  • you will receive —
    • one private Pioneers in Skirts screening package. The producers will attend either in person (T&E extra) or via video chat,
    • one free screening in front of students,
    • access to 4 short clips from the film to use in your internal training programs, and
    • permissions to use our logo jointly with yours.
  • the filmmakers will participate in one collaborative and organic marketing campaign of your choosing in any format (video, social, written, etc.).
  • your logo will be featured on our website.
  • if you become a Corporate Community Partner prior to the completion of the Pioneers in Skirts IMAX cut, your corporate name will be included in the end credits! Just in time for our worldwide premiere!

together we can make a difference

Please join us as we use the film to change the narrative of gender stereotypes and social norms.

And, join these organizations who have already taken a stance!