Thank you for bringing Pioneers in Skirts to your community! This guide is designed to ensure your event is high impact and productive. And, as always, we welcome your feedback—so, please provide your ideas in our post-screening impact survey.

In this Screening Kit, you’ll find tips and resources you will need to make your screening a success, including:

  • Examples for how to implement the legal requirements when screening this film
  • Tips for hosting an online screening event
  • How to turn your screening into a meaningful event for your audience
  • Ideas to prompt discussion afterwards so the impact will last

Our hope is for you to use Pioneers in Skirts as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about how bias and sexism affects us all. And, for every discussion that you host, we hope that you create a safe space where people can speak and listen with open minds.


Film Synopsis

An examination of the need for gender parity.

Who's in the film?

The people featured in the film, by storyline.

Director's Statement

I did what other women my age do... I burned out.

Promo & Hosting Tips

legal, promo, tech, Q&A ↓(below)↓

What's a Pioneer?

A womxn confronted by & overcoming the barriers in the way of her ambition.

Movie Topic Resources

Tools and research.

Promo & Hosting Tips

Fine-tune your goals for screening the film.

When you first begin planning your screening, it's important to clarify your goals so that you know where to direct your planning efforts. 

Your goals could be –

◊ To build awareness for the work your organization is doing.

◊ To use the film as part of a DEI or on-boarding program.

◊ To begin a dialogue about issues in your community.

◊ To build connections with others concerned about (or experiencing) the same issues.

◊ To build rapport with others in your industry.

This makes it much easier to answer key planning questions like...

◊ Based on my event goals, who should attend this event? What actions do I need to take to convince them to attend?

◊ Based on my event goals, who should I ask to be part of my event? As a sponsor? As a panelist? As a guest speaker?

◊ Based on my event goals, what “extras” should I add to my event in order to make it a success? Make it fun and informative? Help attendees take action on their own?

◊ Based on my event goals, how can I integrate the screening into my overall organizational goals? 

◊ Based on my event goals, what can I be doing now to set myself up for success for future movie screenings? 

    • Did you know? First-time bookings receive a 20% discount code to be used toward future screenings for your group. 

Target your efforts to the right audience –

You most likely know who your immediate audience is, like…employees, the membership, students, constituents, etc. These are the people who you want to leave your screening event feeling like they can commit to change.

  • They are prospective allies in working with you to build a culture of support, solidarity, and holding people accountable.
  • They may be influential in achieving parity in a person’s life. Like...people who are mentors & allies (co-workers, educators, parents, coaches) or policy change makers (governmental, religious, or community leaders).

Team up with a Partner to strengthen your marketing and outreach capabilities –

Collaboration and strategic partnerships can help make your screening more impactful and fun for your audience! And, because Pioneers in Skirts covers topics that nearly everyone can relate with, there are a lot of opportunities for positioning a partnership, like...

◊ Organizations that are advocating to improve the lives of women and girls. 

◊ Like-minded businesses who are willing to take a stance against biased behaviors and decisions.

◊ Associations and clubs looking for innovative ways to offer value to their membership.

Invite men to be part of your event --

Men MUST be a part of the solution. Our story makes the point that we are ALL at fault (women & men) for the cultural issues that are affecting women at work. And, with some of today’s gender rhetoric coming in the form of an attack on men, we made sure our story did not do this, and instead, our story stresses the need for men to be part of the solution. 

“The evidence shows that when men are deliberately engaged in gender inclusion programs, 96% of organizations see progress — compared to only 30% of organizations where men are not engaged.”  ~Harvard Business Review


The Venue

You can screen Pioneers in Skirts in several ways. You can host a --

a) On-demand streaming of the film to be watched in the comfort of home.
b) In-person screening at a venue. This can be a large company space, movie theater, community area, classroom, or even a space in the library!
c) Hybrid screening of both on-demand streaming AND in-person viewing. Knowing just how complex Covid-19 work-life-blend can be, we are happy to work with you to make sure everyone has a chance to see the film.

No matter what environment you screen the film in, we hope that you can encourage people to connect with each other and hold meaningful conversations about the topic. 

Venue Lighting / Seating

We advise that your audience watches the film in a dark location to better see the screen/monitor/television. If outdoors – show the film after the sun goes down.

And, sit the audience so that all seating allows for everyone to view the screen.

If you’re screening at a venue, be sure to look around the screening room and locate where the light switches are. Sometimes they can be located in different areas in the room! The last thing you'll want to be doing as the movie starts to play is run around a room looking for light switches :)

The Specs

We offer several ways for you to watch the movie via a link, so — depending on the option you have chosen — you will either,

1. stream the movie from your computer in a venue in front of a live audience, or
2. stream the movie on-demand via our secure email authentication method, or
3. in some cases, you can stream the movie from your Intranet webpage (by embedding the video)

Email Authentication Method:

NOTE: If you are streaming the movie online, we will send you the login credentials that you will need to send to your audience. (we advise that you send the credentials the day before and the morning of your event).

  • Go to the Promoting & Hosting an Engaging Event area for a credential email example.

The information we will send you:
1. The link to watch the movie on your computer, or on our website (example: Community Movie Screener), and/or on a television with an Internet app.

2. Your unique log-in credentials.
-- Example: login email: | login password: Pioneer4Change

The login area looks like this (see below image).

Minimal Buffering 
When you screen via a link (either on-demand or in a venue), our platform will automatically detect the Internet connection speed and will stream the best version of the film that the connection can support. The playback will adjust throughout the screening to ensure you always receive the best streaming possible, while minimizing the chance of any buffering.

Having said that, for organizations wanting to stream at full HD, our movie is encoded at 5mb/s, therefore we recommend a minimum Internet connection speed of 8mb/s to stream our film for true 1080p HD viewing without any buffering issues or quality downgrade.

The Blu-ray disc option allows you to either screen the film at a venue or securely stream it over your secure Intranet site.

Our DCP option is available in special circumstances. A DCP contains a video track of our film encoded frame by frame in the robust JPEG-2000 format. This format allows each element of our film to be stored separately in a folder. Your venue must have access to a Digital Cinema Server to properly project every element of our film onto the big screen.

If you use a computer to screen the film in a venue, please be sure to suppress computer alerts and reminders. We’re guessing you don’t want them popping up during your screening!


For the Pioneers in Skirts movie to be streamed online via the Internet or a Blu-ray disc, you will need the following in order to be successful:

1. A Blu-ray player -- if using a Blu-ray disc
Note: We will ship the Blu-ray to you so that it arrives 7 days prior to your screening date. This will give you one-week to test the movie with your video and sound equipment.

2. A strong Ethernet connection -- if streaming online

3. A Computing device: A laptop/PC, tablet, a smart television

To watch the film on a TV: Most smart TVs offer a web browser in the app section of the TV. We recommend that your registered audience use the Internet / Browser app on their smart TV to watch the movie in the comfort of their home. For ease in keying the URL into the TV app, we create a unique short URL ( and send it to the movie screening host in advance of the event.

We purposefully completed our sound design at Skywalker Sound and sound mix at Technicolor Sound so that the sounds would create a sensational experience when watching the film. (they do!) If you can, please try to utilize a high-quality sound system -- especially in larger venues.

Sound options available —

  • Streaming: Stereo Sound
  • Blu-ray Disc: Choice of Stereo Sound or 5.1 Surround Sound
  • DCP/IMAX: 5.1 Surround Sound

With 5.1 Surround Sound, your audience will hear a movie theater sound and feel even more like they are part of the scenes shown in the film. We chose this immersive sound option so that your audience can be enveloped in the scene and – hopefully – be moved to feel empathy for the topic. Note that not all venues can host this technology, so you must ask your venue if they can accommodate 5.1 Surround Sound.

If screening at a venue or streaming the film embedded onto your own secure Intranet site, we will send you the Blu-ray disc or embedded code 7 (seven) days prior to your event so that you can make sure that everything is working properly in advance.

  • Preview the entire film on the technology you will be using.
  • Test the level of the movie sound. The sound may feel fine when the room is empty, but you will need it to be a little higher when the room is full with an audience.
  • If time is limited and you cannot view the film in its entirety, try to preview the film by:
    • playing from the beginning for 5 minutes,
    • then skip to the middle for 5 minutes,
    • and then skip to the last 5 minutes.

Positive change starts with empathy. Pioneers in Skirts is a catalyst for many people to begin their gender equity journey, and it inspires them to want to get involved with resolving the issue. That's because screening the film helps people to understand what others are going through and embrace each other’s differences.


Promoting Your Event

Share your event to your online community and send out invitations.

1. Post on social media! We've provided some social post ideas that can help you amplify your message. (see below)

2. Create a Facebook event.  If you do, add us as a HOST! We'll help you get the word out.

3. Create an online ticket application like Eventbrite. Send out your invitations and track RSVP’s.

Did you know that you can enable purchase options or registration right on Facebook for any Eventbrite event? Ticketing and registration are still processed by Eventbrite and sales and attendee data from Facebook will be included in your Eventbrite analytics.

Here's an example of what to say!

Join us for a movie presentation of PIONEERS IN SKIRTS at the (virtual) [event] on [date]!

REGISTER TODAY: click here [this is an active link to an actual event registration that you can see as reference]

Watch the movie trailer:

A multi-award winning social impact documentary film, Pioneers in Skirts discusses the bias and sexism that can affect pioneering ambition and the ongoing effort to achieve women’s parity in our culture.

What will you do to change it?

- Private online movie screening: @1:30 - 2:30 PM CST
- Discussion with the filmmakers: @2:45 PM CST
- Virtual breakout sessions: @3:20PM CST

4. Give your audience an idea for what the movie is about.

    • Provide a short one-line description to help get people in the right frame of mind. For example: Pioneers in Skirts is a social impact documentary about the issues that affect pioneering ambition and the ongoing effort to achieve gender parity in our culture.
    • Share the movie trailer!
      • Add the link or embed the video to your registration page
      • Share the link to your social channels or other online promotional areas

Watch the Pioneers in Skirts Movie Trailer

5. Contact the press and people who are interested in the topic --

    • Contact your local radio station, newspaper or television station with news of your event
    • Contact local organizations who have similar goals and invite them to attend. Better yet, ask them to partner with you in promoting and sponsoring the screening!
    • Invite community groups, university faculties, middle school/high school/university students, school administrators, teachers, and elected officials who could help lead to positive change for women and girls.
    • Reach out to parents and children’s advocates and ask them to bring the girls and boys in their lives.

a) To help you with what to say when you promote the film to your audience:

We all must recognize each of our roles in the worldwide effort to provide women and girls an equal chance at success.

Discover your role with a special 48-hour on-demand moving screening of the award-winning film, Pioneers in Skirts.

This social impact documentary investigates the gender-biased and sexist load that wears a woman down, hurts her potential, and makes her question her dreams, while offering actionable next steps we ALL can take today to change it.

Join us in changing these realities for women everywhere!

The movie viewing begins on [date]. Then, on [date], join us for an action-based panel discussion that will include the film's Director Ashley Maria and Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst!

To learn more, please visit

b) Words you can use when you ask your contacts to register for the movie screening:

We're so excited for you to join us for a movie screening of Pioneers in Skirts and Panel discussion with the film's Director Ashley Maria and Producer Lea-Ann Berst afterward!

We ask that you please complete the following information and agree to the terms and conditions below. Your invitation and information to watch the film will be emailed to the email address provided below.

c) You are contractually required to communicate the terms and conditions verbiage listed in your licensing agreement. We recommend that you use your registration form and marketing efforts to emphasize this requirement by using words similar to these:

We're so excited for you to join us for a movie screening of Pioneers in Skirts and virtual-panel featuring the film's Director Ashley Maria and Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst afterward! We ask that you please complete the following information and agree to the terms and conditions below. Your invitation and credentials to watch the film will be emailed to the email address you provide.

d) We recommend that you communicate WHEN you will be sending the movie link. You can send the link at any time -- but based on our experience, you may want to commit to sending registrants the link and login details the day of the event. (In the past, when others have sent the link in advance, registrants tried to login early and became frustrated when the link did not work.)

Here is an example of what you can say when you inform your registrants:




On the morning of your virtual event: Send the movie credentials to your audience. Remind them when the movie will go LIVE and when it will no longer be available. We like this example below because of the full explanation of what to expect and the reminder of the terms and conditions.

Login Info (Credentials) Email Example:

Please note that it is a violation of the license agreement to publicly post any of the film online.  If in doubt, we're happy to hop on a call to talk about your ideas and make sure you are not in violation of the licensing agreement.

Some great tips for looking your best at your virtual event --

    • Have a light source behind your camera, shining the light upon your face.
    • Try to find a spot where there won't be any movement or cross traffic behind you. Some ideas -- comfy chair in front of a curtain, at a kitchen or dining room table with a nice wall or piece of artwork behind you.
    • Slide some books under your laptop so that the camera is at eye level -- make sure it isn't wobbly. With the camera at eye level your audience will feel like you're speaking to them.
      • be sure to prevent the lens of the camera from being too high or too low as this will distort your image.
    • Don't wear graphic tees or shirts with words on it. Use tones that compliment your skin tone. Avoid bright colors, or a bright white that will make it hard for the camera to read.
    • If you have a noisy environment, earbuds can be beneficial in controlling sound. Choose a location where there is little to no background noise.
    • If you wear makeup use a translucent setting powder to take away any shine. Color on the lips is always a plus. Dark eyes tend to be harder for the camera to read.
    • Be sure to have a good WiFi connection or connect your laptop directly to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. If WiFi is questionable --
      • ask others in the home to hold off using the Internet while you are in your virtual meeting
      • switch yourself from video to audio
    • Zoom tip: Did you know that Zoom can make you look better? Under your Zoom Preferences (>preferences>video) under the My Video category click the box that reads Touch Up My Appearance.

For a more detailed presentation with tips for looking your best online, click over to watch Ashley Maria's video she made for the Business and Professional Women's organization:

Introducing the movie

  • Start by introducing yourself and thanking everyone for coming. Explain why you’re excited to show this particular film, ideally using a personal message to tie to the core message of the film.
  • Be sure to thank any sponsors or co-sponsors for their help and involvement.
  • Mention that there will be a 30-min or 1-hour discussion afterwards.

We've been asked to provide images to show up on the screen at online and in-person events. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a couple of options that we've created just for this purpose!

A special note about watching the film:

The film has a special ending. Please tell your audience (in advance) to stick around to experience the funny surprise ending!

If you are hosting an in-person screening, please keep the lights off in the room until the movie has completed its credits crawl.

What's going to happen at the end of the film? When the credits begin to roll, the audience sees character updates. At the very end of the film your audience will see Ashley symbolically making a choice that shows she is determined to persevere.

After everyone watches the film

We encourage you to convene even an informal conversation about the film for at least 20 minutes after the screening. Since the film raises emotional topics, it’s important to give audience members a chance to process and express their reactions, but most importantly, channel that energy into productive next steps to create the change we wish to see.

We have experienced, after they view the film, that people typically have a lot of questions, too. So, we've put together a few ideas to help you answer their questions and host a productive and impactful conversation.


You may want to consider inviting the filmmakers to be part of the post-screening discussion. After years of research and traveling the country to capture stories and find strategies for overcoming barriers, the filmmakers offer:

  • behind-the-scenes stories of their personal journey,
  • updates of what the featured characters are doing now, and
  • ideas for what people can do right now to impact positive change within our culture.

Question ideas you can ask the filmmakers:

  1. You follow and interview several people in the film. How did you decide on who to interview for the movie?
  2. I can see that this is a film that does a great job of building up the energy in the room so that the audience can have a productive conversation afterwards. How has COVID-19 affected your plans with the film?
  3. My favorite thing about the two of you is that you are a mother-daughter team.  What has it been like working on this project together?
  4. Before we dig into the film, let’s start with the title.  What inspired the title?  What do you mean by “pioneers” and why “skirts”?
  5. What inspired the film?
  6. What were your biggest surprises in making it?
  7. What’s been the most rewarding aspect of this project for you?  And most challenging?
  8. What do you most want people to take away from the film?
  9. What can people start doing today to achieve a gender equal world?
  10. How do you have that dialogue with a young woman about the topics in the film?
  11. Where did you get the idea for Pioneers in Skirts? What made you look all the way back to schools to understand how attitudes impact women in the workplace?
  12. How do you keep from burning out as you push against this kind of bias in the workplace every day?
  13. What is one tip that we can use to combat this kind of bias in the workplace
  14. How can we start thinking “intersectionally” about feminism?
  15. Were there any interviews or stories in the film that surprised you?
  16. Did you face any negative repercussions for calling out these examples of bias in your industry? How can we create a workplace environment where calling these out won’t lead to potential repercussions? 

You will want to begin your discussion promptly after the film ends to minimize loss of momentum. This means that you will want to plan to return to the stage quickly or start your virtual discussion on time.

Before you begin a virtual discussion, chat about something for a few minutes as people start to join the online meeting. You can say something like, "as we wait for everyone to join us today, I'd like to tell you a story about how I learned about this film..."

Start the discussion by acknowledging that the film is powerful and evokes various responses in you (perhaps it reminded you of a certain interaction or an experience your spouse has shared).

Question ideas for sparking meaningful conversations:

If you don't have the filmmakers in attendance, here are some question ideas to help you spark meaningful conversations:

  1. What scenes or moments in the film had the biggest impact on you? Why?
  2. Whose story did you relate to the most? Which story made you think differently about a situation?
  3. Ashley Maria provides statistics showing that women start out pioneering in their careers, and women lead men in ambition starting out.  However, within a few years their ambition plummets.  Have you experienced this?  What triggered it?  How did you refocus yourself on your goals?
  4. How have things changed for you as you’ve progressed in your career?  What would you tell your younger self?
  5. Lea-Ann advises Ashley to “go around the system and not use the system because the system is not working for her.”  Have you ever found yourself in this position?
  6. The film points out that women can have biases too.  Can you think of a time when you’ve had biases that could’ve harmed other women?
  7. The film shows several men who are helping to push their daughters, colleagues, and friends forward.  How do you think men can be most helpful for this cause?
  8. What does true gender-parity look like?  How will we know when we have succeeded?  Will having more women in leadership solve everything?
  9. What will you do to help move the ball forward?

Q&A for Parents! [PDF]

A guide for parents wanting to have meaningful conversations with each other and with their children.

(feel free to share this document with your audience)



Polling can be an effective tool for understanding the impact your event is making and to steer the conversation into an engaging and interactive one.

So, consider polling your audience before they see the film, and then -- as they are "in the moment" just after they finish watching, use polling to lead the conversation of your post-screening conversation/panel.

A sampling of polling questions to get you started --

1. Sponsors can help get a woman past the biased walls being put up in front of her. After watching the film, which comment below best fits how you feel?

  • I want to be a Sponsor.
  • I am proud to be a Sponsor.
  • I need a Sponsor.
  • I think my career trajectory is doing just fine.

2. Do you think women, in general, need to be more confident in order to get ahead in their careers?  (this would be an interesting question to ask before and after the movie screening)

  • Yes
  • No

3. Stereotype Threat is when you unconsciously fear that you will fulfill a negative stereotype about your group (i.e. gender, race, etc.). After watching the film...

  • I’ve felt this way in the past, but now I can define it and try to make sure it won’t affect me in the future.
  • I’ve heard of it, but it does not apply to me.
  • I don’t have an opinion.

Whatever you do, have a lot of fun! Change happens when people are open to new ideas and aren’t feeling pressured.

After the Event

We are sure your event will be great -- but let us know how it went!

You can email us, talk to us on the phone, or provide your feedback in our post-screening impact survey.


We ask that you please share our impact survey with your registrants. We are always striving to do better and value honest feedback.

Because it can sometimes be tough to convince people to take a survey, we've come up with some ideas for getting people to answer our survey questions:

  • Notify them in advance
    When you communicate to your registrants, inform them in advance that you will be asking them to complete a movie impact survey after the screening. Let them know that the filmmakers value their opinion and are looking forward to using their answers to improve upon their delivery of an impactful and best-in-class movie screening experience.

  • Timing
    The best time to survey screeners is soon after they watch the movie. So, when the movie and post-screening convo are still fresh in their heads, please distribute the survey! Then, 3 days later, please remind the audience that there is a survey waiting for them.

  • Offer incentives
    We know that more people are willing to take a survey when they are incentivized. And, since we do not have the budget for gift cards or prizes, ask that you do!

    We do add a surprise discount code at the end of the survey that gives the reviewer a 10% discount on a future hosted screening of any kind!


Hi [First name],

As part of our participation in the Pioneers in Skirts movie screening, [name of organization] is asking you to complete a brief online Movie Impact Survey. This survey is part of the filmmakers’ efforts to continuously improve movie screenings and impact efforts.

Pioneers in Skirts Impact Survey:

The survey will take about 6 minutes to complete! Your individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. There will be no way to link responses with email addresses or other individual information.

Your input and efforts will contribute to improving post-screening conversations and messaging that encourages people to take action. In exchange for completing the survey, you’ll find a surprise 10% discount code at the end!

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort.

Kind regards,

Social Post Ideas for Amplifying Your Message

TWITTER: It is essential for us ALL to #BEanAlly to women & girls if #genderequity is to be achieved. That is why I am joining the @PioneersnSkirts conversation @myorganization! link to your event #BEanAlly #BEaPioneer

We’re fighting for a #GenderEqualWorld – what does that look like? I’m joining the conversation at @myorganization on date! link to your event #BEtheChange #BEaPioneer

It’s time to take action. We will never achieve progress without all of us joining forces to overcome #bias and #sexism. link to your event #BEanAlly #BEaPioneer

I am excited to hear from @AshleyMaria, @LWoodwardBerst and @myorganization talk about how we can, together, move the needle for #womeninengineering. link to your event #EquityInEngineering (substitute your industry or profession)

Instagram: This is a critical moment. We must advance progress towards #GenderEquity in the Engineering field. Together we are stronger. I’m joining @PioneersinSkirts and @myorganization to start making lasting, sustainable change. link to your event I’m a #PioneerForChange

Hashtags: #BetheChange #BEaPioneer #BeAnAlly #PioneerForChange

Twitter: PioneersnSkirts
Facebook: PioneersinSkirts
Instagram: PioneersinSkirts


Here are a couple of image options for you to put up on the screen as you wait for registrants to arrive!

right click to download
right click to download

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