We’ll be in Boulder, CO. June 15-19!

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Special Invitation: Ashley Maria is a director and pioneer for women. An award-winning filmmaker, Ashley realized her confidence and ambition had been slowly chipping away over time. She set out on a journey to find out why it happened and what she can do about it. On a quest since 2012; Ashley is traveling across America speaking to the people who can teach her how to avoid a ‘career-game’ she doesn’t want to play, and find a way to change the game.

What: Pioneers in Skirts is a full feature documentary that follows our Director, Ashley Maria, as she interviews people about the obstacles and setbacks working women face and how to deal with them in the workplace. Pioneers in Skirts follows Ashley Maria as she searches for the answer to her question: “How do we once and for all create an environment that allows me, and all women, to achieve our full career potential?”

Filmed in conversation—style documentary so that it appeals to their audience’s own experiences and emotions, Pioneers in Skirts presents the topic through the eyes of the women who are experiencing these biases now, and finds strategies for successfully overcoming them by interviewing women and men who are experts on the topic. This film shows every woman how to be a pioneer in pursuit of her career — and how to play her own career advancement game.

When/Where: June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 – 2015 at various Boulder locations including The Foundry Group and downtown

Who/Why: The Pioneers in Skirts crew is traveling to Boulder to interview area experts on the obstacles women experience in their careers.

Film Links:
Teaser: https://vimeo.com/98785658
Website: www.PioneersinSkirts.com
Twitter: @Pioneersnskirts | Facebook: PioneersinSkirts | Instagram: pioneersinskirts
Director on Twitter: @AshleyMaria

Nonprofit Fundraiser For The Film:
The team behind Pioneers in Skirts is currently raising funds to finish the film.

Media Inquiries and Pictures: http://www.sleddogg.com/pioneers-in-skirts-media-inquiries/

Who may be contacted you?
Lauren McDonald
Public Relations Major at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publicity volunteer for Pioneers in Skirts

►To schedule an interview with Ashley Maria during the Boulder shoot please contact the Producers at PioneersInSkirts [@] gmail.com.

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