The official trailer for Pioneers in Skirts

a special viewing

ALL proceeds from licensing the film go directly to our impact efforts.


As a family who wants to raise your children to think critically and speak up against sexism and gender inequalities, we know you’ll appreciate this chance to watch a theatrical impact documentary at home. We will also provide you with a discussion guide to encourage these conversations.

For the price of a night out with the family, you’ll have a unique opportunity to make an instrumental investment in your children’s outlook in life and in their future.

Public Performance License: $49.00 USD


Organizations know that, in order to achieve a diverse & inclusive workplace, it’ll take an investment we ALL have to make. The first step is empathy. Pioneers in Skirts delivers a story that opens the door for productive conversations about topics of stereotyping, sexism, and the realities of others.

For a limited time only, we are offering companies a way to build their culture of solidarity and support while also offering their employees the benefits of screening the film at home with their families.

Public Performance License: $2800.00 USD

Thank you in advance for placing value in the social impact this film will make!