At the age of 27, Ashley did what many other up-and-coming millennial women do: she started to burn out. A phenomenon that has experts guessing as to what to do, Ashley decided to not give up, and instead, find out why this was happening to her.

Studies show young women are backing off from their career ambitions soon after beginning their careers; despite having a ‘we can do it’ attitude.

Pioneers in Skirts is a feature documentary film that follows Ashley’s journey to get back her “I can do anything” feeling.

The film takes the viewer on a nationwide search​ to reveal what women still face as they pioneer their career paths; addressing the gender-bias and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her re-think her dreams.

Pioneers in Skirts aims to open eyes to the challenges young women will face as they enter their careers, and help people and organizations be more aware of actions we ALL can take to resolving them.

Documentary stories are an impactful way to humanize social issues and inspire change.

Pioneers in Skirts is a film that will instigate dialogue and action aimed at identifying, confronting and resolving the unique obstacles women experience throughout their lifetime.

We ALL can play a role in pioneering change! #PowerParity  #GenderParity  #BEtheChange  #BEaPioneer

Make a difference in the lives of women and girls

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Who’s in the film?

With their participation in the film, we see how women and men can instigate change early on for the next generation of pioneering women.

In the film we feature —

  • Millennial filmmakers Asha Dahya; Brea Grant; Jess Blaise; Jenn Duong; Bridget Stokes; and Mindy Bledsoe, and tween-teen girls with experiences to share.
  • Professional women with experiences and advice to share — women like UNC Chapel Hill’s Women’s Basketball Coach, Sylvia Hatchell; Focus Brands Group President, Kat Cole; MOZ CEO, Sarah Bird; Major General Heidi V. Brown; former Lenovo executive, Nicole Jefferies; Charlotte Robotics Executive Director, Lia Schwinghammer; and famed film and television actor/director Joan Darling. Sarah Bird helped us learn more about what women at the top experience when she invited her friends for a candid on-camera conversation with Ashley too —  Jane Park, CEO Julep; Michelle Goldberg, VC at Ignition Partners; Emily Rollins, Partner at Deloitte & Touche; and Liz Pearce, CRO Streem.
  • Men who want to make a difference – men like NCWIT’s Co-Founder Brad Feld, television icon Norman Lear, and the fathers of the teen-aged robotic engineers we follow in the film.
  • Advocacy organizations like NCWITAAUW and NWHM, and a company globally recognize for their workplace culture – SAS.
  • To make sure we accurately depict what is really happening to a woman when her ambition plummets, we filmed behind-closed-door sessions with renowned leadership psychologist Dr. Hope Hills.

Follow our journey as we make Pioneers in Skirts