Future Friday Honoree Chelsea Krost – March 2016

This entrepreneurial Millennial is one of the hardest working young women in the nation…juggling roles as a radio talk show host, TV journalist, writer, motivational speaker, beauty product designer, philanthropist and national mulit-media spokesperson who comments and discusses social, cultural and economic issues relating to the Millennial Generation. Chelsea is also a much-sought-after resource on all topics related to the teenage experience and to the transition from teens to 20s.

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The team behind the feature documentary film, Pioneers in Skirts, is excited to feature this monthly honor program to highlight women who have taken enormous steps to take charge of their future.

Called Future Friday Honorees, these women are true role models for our next generation of working women. Be sure to follow along to meet these women at the beginning of each month, and then again in social media every Friday to learn more!!

It’s no surprise why we chose Chelsea as our March 2016 Future Friday Honoree

ACKt just 16, Chelsea created the internet radio show Teen Talk Live with Chelsea Krost — inspired by her own life experiences and everyday challenges as a teenager. Her goal was to provide other teens with a safe, non-judgmental outlet for sharing personal problems as well as global concerns.

“I was so sick of reading about ‘teen train-wrecks,'” says Chelsea. “I wanted to reinforce the message that young women don’t have to become tabloid cliches or reality-show wannabes. My message is: Individuality is ‘cool.’ Don’t be afraid to buck the trends and be yourself. Change begins with YOU.”

Today Chelsea is 25 and is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of MPulse — a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating content to target the Millennial generation.


To help our Pioneers in Skirts followers better pioneer in their own careers, Chelsea provided some insights into her life:

Q: What does being a pioneer in your career mean to you? 

Being a pioneer = taking risks, failing, re-tweaking your process, try again, and then ultimately succeeding! Throughout my career thus far I have consistently innovated new methods of communication and collaboration amongst my community where some have failed and some have thrived. To be a pioneer means you have to channel your inner futurists. Pay attention to what’s trending in your space, see where you can fulfill a void with your expertise/talent, and market yourself for that service.

Q: What is the greatest professional obstacle you have had to overcome, and what would you recommend other women do in order to overcome it?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome and still have to tear down stigmas about it all the time is my (can you guess) AGE! If I had a dollar for every person that said, “What can you possibly know or be an expert on at such a young age” I would be rollin’ $$$ in.  Age to me is a funny thing. Age is really a number and a mindset that we all get to create for ourselves. I choose to not be defined by my age but more by the quality of work that I provide. What many people don’t know is that I worked for 2 years tirelessly before I made one penny. I made the decision to prove my value to ultimately charge what I know I am worth. For all women who are looking to start their own endeavor – proving your value to various different clients will ultimately allow you to gain more experience, build your resume/portfolio, and allow you to position yourself for the appropriate compensation in the long run.

Q: When you were a young girl, what was the one thing that you feel helped to shape your pioneering attitude towards your career? 

I wish I had a better answer but this is the truth…I never let what anyone said about me deter me from my mission. I never look at anyone as competition. I instead look to where there is collaboration potential. I have always had tunnel vision when it comes to what I am doing and I think my work ethic is what ultimately allowed me to accomplish what I have at age 25. Focus on you not what other people say, feel, think…what is most important is what your gut says. I believe that you know best – we just have to listen to our own intuition. 

Q: Who was your role model/mentor growing up, and how did that relationship help you become the professional you are today? 

Honestly, my biggest role model and mentor growing up was and still is my mother, Cindi Krost. My mom comes from an Advertising/PR background and truly is one of the most talented and creative people I know. My mom taught me everything from how to be a performer, to how to create a press kit, to how to network, to how to work a room. I am not sure I would have been able to get Teen Talk Live up and running at 16 years old if it wasn’t for my mother helping me every step of the way.

Other than the fabulous Cindi Krost, my work role models and idols are Oprah and Barbara Walters. They are just the definition of fierce females and pioneers for women in media. I think if I met Oprah (which I must do before I die) I would faint! 

Q: If you could have coffee with anyone living or dead, who would it be and what would you ask them? What is that one lesson you’d like to learn?

l mean…it would have to be Oprah. Oprah has innovated so many different ways to communicate and inspire others that I would take the time to absorb every drop of her greatness. I think she lives the motto, “Manifest your own destiny” and I have been on that path since I was 16 and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. 

Q: Knowing what you know now, what would you say to your 14 year old self to help your path be less stressful and/or more successful? 

If I could only rewind and speak to my younger self the ONE thing I would say is “stress gets you nowhere!” We live in such a fast pace world today that I think we are all guilty of not living in the present and always thinking or stressing of what’s next or what is/isn’t. It is my biggest New Years resolution this year to STOP, BREATHE, and FOCUS on what good you have going on in your world instead of obsessing over the negative. I am truly a believer in that when you put positive energy out into the universe positive things boomerang back your way.

Find out more about Chelsea at her website!We certainly feel your positive energy, Chelsea. YOU are a Pioneer!

Want more Chelsea? Check out her website to find out where you can see her on television, in person, or on the radio!

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