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Pioneers in Skirts humanizes the metrics with story in order to move hearts. Are you developing a piece about the gender-bias and sexism that creates a barrier in a woman’s career? Interview Director, Ashley Maria and/or Producer, Lea-Ann W. Berst about what happened that caused them to travel the U.S. for 4 years in order to make this film. Find out what they learned from their expert interviews and pioneering women & girl on-camera conversations.

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Designed for our friends in the media, these images and video clips can be freely reproduced when credited to “Pioneers in Skirts® / Ashley Maria.”

VIDEO – Clips can be found on our Vimeo channel. We’ve organized the video clips into 4 buckets: Career Advice, General Purpose, The People in the Film, and Production Update Videos.

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What Test Screeners Are Saying

The film is amazing at really driving home key points and helping us see the world in a new way. They do not point the finger and say “I cannot succeed because of this man” they say “there is an issue in society and i am going to be apart of the solution so we can all succeed.” I really loved it.
Female, 26 year old just starting out in her career

This movie is a refreshing, necessary reminder about the problems that exist in our society with respect to women and how they’re (mis)treated relative to men and my wife and I are both very glad to know that this is a project making its way towards mass distribution!

Male, Tech industry professional, husband, brother
Pioneers in Skirts is eye opening! Relevant…at times raw. Definitely important to see.
Female, 25 year old just starting out in her career
There’s a sense of realness and authenticity that’s different than a lot of films. This film just feels relatable.
Female, 25 year old just starting out in her career
It’s such an important film, especially today. Everybody can see their role in the problem.
Male, Father of a teen girl
When watching the film, women who are struggling will feel like they are not alone. I just love that.
Female, Experienced professional

The Producers

Behind the Scenes in Raleigh, NC

Ashley & Lea-Ann
Raleigh, NC


Pioneers in Skirts sign

Maddy Iman Sophia
Charlotte, NC

Women in Film

Filmmakers in Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA

Lucy Sanders

Behind the Scenes in Colorado

Lucy Sanders – NCWIT
Boulder, CO

Brad Feld

Brad Feld - NCWIT

Brad Feld – NCWIT
Boulder, CO

Brad Feld

Brad Feld Colorado

Brad Feld – Foundry Group
Boulder, CO

Norman Lear

Behind the Scenes - Norman Lear

Ashley and Norman Lear
Hollywood, CA

Joan Darling

Ashley and Joan Darling
Hollywood, CA

Kickstarter Actors

Behind the Scenes - Kickstarter video

Child Actors
Los Angeles, CA