Numbers move minds, stories move hearts

Have you ever wondered what it’s like making a documentary film? Especially one that takes you across the country in search of an answer to a really BIG question — What Will It Take To Achieve Gender Parity In This Lifetime? Do you want to experience an authentic understanding about women’s career obstacles?

Since empathy is key to changing a behavior, it’s time you watch the film that shows what the lack of inclusion really feels like.

Director Ashley Maria and Producer Lea-Ann W. Berst get up close and personal when speaking with large and small audiences. From keynote to panel to post-screening chats, they will connect with your audience with relevant stories and share strategies for change.

Crew and cast members are also available to speak! Like, Lia Schwinghammer — she is the founder of Queen City Robotics and is featured in the film as a person who figured out how to get girls to take on and stay in the field of robotics. Her daughter is one of the girls we followed for 3 years, too.

Ashley travels from: Los Angeles, CA, USA | Lea-Ann travels from: Raleigh, NC, USA
Lia travels from: Charlotte, NC, USA

To hire Ashley, Lea-Ann, Lia, or others from the film for a speaking engagement, please contact:

Thank you to Lea-Ann & Ashley for showing your vision, sharing your personal stories, and helping people understand the issue in such a way that is actionable.
Thank YOU for speaking to our association membership!

The audience loved it and continued to give us tremendous feedback the rest of the week.

I knew there was something much bigger than me going on but you two made it so very real. My eyes are wide open now. Thank you for that.

Stories like Pioneers in Skirts are what will build the genuine and compassionate leaders we need in the world of tomorrow.

post screening panel at SAS Institute

Speaking on a range of niche topics

After years of research and traveling the country to capture stories and find strategies for overcoming barriers, the filmmakers offer behind-the-scenes stories of their personal journey, an update of what the featured characters are doing now, and ideas for what people can do right now to impact positive change within our culture.

Keynote topics include:

  • Ambitious women and girls — the lessons we learned when we made the film.
  • How the film found us; why a mother-daughter duo felt compelled to answer the question, “what will it take for women to finally achieve parity in the workplace?”
  • The challenges of telling a story (when everything affects everything).
  • How to use story-telling for meaningful change.
  • What it takes to be a documentary filmmaker. How do filmmakers capture reality and shape the narrative at the same time?