Watch the official movie trailer here!A screening of Pioneers in Skirts is a great way to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and generate action. And, a successful screening can be used as a fundraiser that covers its cost and raises money for a cause you care about.

Ready to get started?!

Pricing for the public exhibition of Pioneers in Skirts is determined on a sliding scale; based on format, theater or venue capacity, ticket price (if you’re charging admission), and number of screenings.

For Companies who book a screening: You may qualify to receive a special BONUS (free) student screening! We want our film screened in front of young and ambitious minds, so let us know if you’d like to screen the film in front of students AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Please complete the below HOST A SCREENING FORM to help us prepare the most accurate screening license for your event.

Our team will follow-up with you straight away with a Public Performance Rights (PPR) licensing agreement for you to review and sign.

What comes with your PPR?

  • A public exhibition license to screen the film
  • A screening kit full of useful resources for planning, promoting, and hosting an interactive conversation after you screen the film
  • Our help if you haven’t hosted a movie screening before — we want to make this as easy as possible!
* A Public Performance Rights agreement is required regardless of whether the person, institution, company or organization is commercial or nonprofit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved, and whether viewing is free or an admission or other fee is charged. *

"Host A Screening" Application Form