Screening Application

A screening of Pioneers in Skirts is a great way to raise awareness for cultural biases, encourage productive and meaningful discussions, and generate action. The film is available to screen in schools, communities and companies who want to push this conversation forward.

The first step to hosting a screening of your own is to complete the form below. It’ll help us prepare the most accurate pricing and screening license for your event. Then, our team will follow-up with you straight away to finalize on the details in order to create a Public Performance Rights (PPR) licensing agreement for you to review and sign!

Options for hosting a screening:

  1. on-demand (typically during a 2-day streaming window)
  2. in-person at a venue
  3. both in-person AND on-demand for those who cannot attend your event in person

Pricing for the public exhibition of Pioneers in Skirts:

Pricing is determined on a sliding scale, based on format, theater or venue capacity OR on-demand viewer blocks, ticket price (if charging admission), and number of screenings. 

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Pioneers in Skirts is now available online for employees and organization memberships to watch from the comfort of their own home! CLICK HERE to host your online screening!