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The film has a special ending. When credits begin to roll, stick around to the very end!

Pioneers in Skirts is a social impact documentary about the issues that affect pioneering ambition and the ongoing effort to achieve gender parity in our culture. 

RUNTIME: 60 Minutes LANGUAGE: English

SUBTITLES: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

LOGLINE: Pioneers in Skirts is an engaging examination of gender parity in our culture from the perspective of a female filmmaker who was frustrated with her own problems in the film industry.

Not finding many answers within her profession, she decides to expand her search to include other industries and society in general.

In an inspiring portrait of perseverance and determination, director Ashley Maria not only shares her own story, but she follows the journey of 3 robotic girls and their fathers as well as a young mother – all while traveling the U.S. to investigate solutions, speaking to fellow pioneering women and interviewing topic experts.

By the end of her quest, Ashley finds out how we ALL can address the stereotyping and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her feel like she must re-think her dreams.


  • The best ways to support women and girls who struggle with career-limiting obstacles and setbacks
  • How to be more aware of perpetuating gender bias in the culture you live, work, and go to school in
  • The approach we ALL can take when advocating for our female co-workers, classmates, and family members
  • What workplaces can do to make a positive impact for their female employees

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