Director's Statement

Ashley Maria Standing

What does a filmmaker do if she wants to overcome an issue she’s having in her life? Well, she makes a movie about it.

Soon after I started my directing career in Los Angeles, I knew I needed to make an honest film that investigated the shocking experiences I was having. I wasn’t prepared for what was happening and quickly realized this was a very big issue for women everywhere – not just in the film industry. It was much bigger than me.

The issue? The sexism and stereotyping that can prevent women from reaching their full potential.

Pioneers in Skirts grew into an overarching search for strategies to advance gender parity. My hope is for the film to be utilized to help create a world where ambitious women & girls can pursue their careers without having to combat bias in their lives — and where companies will achieve diverse and inclusive work cultures.

After 4 years of following pioneering women and gathering the facts, I am excited for the impact this film will have – not just for women or the film industry – but for cultures wanting to play a role in dramatically changing the outcome for women today and the next generation.

I’m proud to share that, after targeted test screening results from around the country, Pioneers in Skirts has proven to motivate viewers to re-evaluate the world around them and their place in it. Viewers share that they now empathize with women and what they are confronted with on a daily basis, and they leave the film wanting to take steps toward change. They want to make a difference. We ALL can play a role in pioneering change!

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Ashley Maria, MFA

Host a screening of this 60-min documentary film to raise awareness for cultural biases and take action! CLICK HERE to find out how YOU can screen Pioneers in Skirts at work, school, or your favorite community organization.