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The film has a special ending.

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Released in 2020, Pioneers in Skirts is a multi-award-winning documentary about how today’s women & girls experience and combat stereotyping in their lives.

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Pioneers in Skirts is a catalyst for productive conversations about topics of stereotyping, sexism, and the realities of others.

The film is ideal for families who are raising children to think critically and speak up against sexism and gender inequalities, educational institutions who want to raise awareness of gender parity and empower students to advocate for women’s rights around the world, companies who are building their culture of solidarity and support, and communities who are providing ways for people to work together for the common good.

Host a Screening

Pioneers in Skirts is a great way to raise awareness, encourage discussion, and generate action to achieve gender parity in our culture today. This family-friendly film is also a great way for parents to have meaningful conversations with their children about complex topics of cultural bias, sexism, and unfair stereotypes.

You can screen the film virtually or in-person. The first step is to fill out this form online: Host A Screening Form.


  • Directed by Ashley Maria
  • Produced by Lea-Ann W. Berst, Ashley Maria
  • Sound Edit by Amy Reynolds Reed
  • Composed by Jordan Balagot
  • Sound Editing & Design by Devon Kelley at Skywalker Sound
  • Sound Mix by Vicki Lemar at Technicolor Sound
  • Edited by Tiffany Hope, Ashley Maria, Crystal Lentz
  • Production Sound by Rebecca Chan
  • Cinematography by Liz Yarwood
  • Written by Lea-Ann W. Berst, Ashley Maria
  • Graphic Design by Tom Bloczynski
  • Movie Theme Song “Freeway” by Mia Yara

Pioneers in Skirts is now available online for employees and organization memberships to watch from the comfort of their own home! CLICK HERE to host your online screening!