Updates and announcements about Pioneers in Skirts!

Making a documentary like ours

Why isn’t our movie done, yet, you ask? *deep breath* Well, we are almost done! Read our November update email here – Unlike a narrative film (which has a story

7 tips for headache-free indie filmmaking

Director Ashley Maria has several indie films under her belt, ranging from comedic, horror to immersive films. Ashley has spent the last 10 years discovering and putting into practice some pretty efficient

Sneak peak as we edit

Hey Pioneers! From music to legal to marketing to editing editing editing…you name it, we’re working on it. As we sift through 100+ hours of footage, we thought you’d like

Our Awards

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A Tarheel born and bred

For This Hollywood Director… North Carolina’s Film Industry Is A Call Home Director Ashley Maria is a Tarheel born and bred, but professors and friends both told her the only way