How to save the world: a guide for broke millennials

Making a difference when you’re strapped for cash Saving the world can seem like a pipe dream when you’re struggling to make rent, but it’s almost impossible to ignore the feeling that things need to change. If that’s a sentiment you’ve felt yourself, take heart: you don’t need to be rich or powerful to make a difference. […]

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Taking The Plunge To Combat Bias & Sexism At Work

For women, burnout comes much sooner than you think. FACT: Many women face gender bias and sexism at work. If you're not aware of it, it can be hard to see. Over time, many women become oblivious to how their experiences are slowly changing how they view their self and their capabilities. Soon, burnout can [...]

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Our year-end update especially for you

2017 has been a big year for discussions by and about women. For some, it was a never-ending eye-opening experience. For us, it felt long overdue. It made us happy. In fact, 5 years ago when we started to film Pioneers in Skirts, we felt the burden of having to educate people about the sexism [...]

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