Hey Pioneers! We’ve been all about the gazillion activities that will lead us to the premiere! From music to legal to marketing to editing editing editing…you name it, we’re working on it. As we edit down over 100 hours of footage, we thought you’d like a sneak peek of what we’re including in the film — we call it Video Snapshots:

Let us know what you think! And if you love it, please SHARE it! We sure could use help getting more eyes on the film now that it’s closer to premiere time!

Musical Credit: Video music composed by the impeccable Jordan Balagot. Our movie theme song, “Freeway”, is written by teen musician Mia Yara and performed by the all-girl teen band Controll Freex!

The Story: When a career-driven filmmaker experiences sexism and unexpected biases at the start of her career, she is shocked to feel a sudden wave of self-doubt come over her.

Ashley Maria, confused and feeling her ambition quickly disappearing, embarks on a journey, camera in hand, to find out what happened to her. Quickly learning she’s not alone in these experiences, Ashley takes on one of the biggest issues of our time: why are careers much more complicated and difficult when a woman tries to have one – and how do we change this?

Making a film is not cheap, but it’s the best way to make a BIG IMPACT!

Help us close our funding gap! Pioneers in Skirts is in post-production, which includes editing, color correction, pick-ups, sound design, music composition, closed captioning and packaging for delivery — and we sure could use your help to finish the project. Every dollar gets us one step closer to premiere!