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Real change occurs when movie audiences feel they can be a part of the solution. When completed, viewers of the film will have relatable guidance they seek as well as a jumping off point to start conversations that are meaningful and productive.


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Do you want to play a bigger role in positively impacting career-minded girls and women?

When you make a $6,000 minimum donation to the film you will become an Executive Producer on the film. Your name will be featured in the closing credits of the film, on movie posters, and on the Pioneers in Skirts IMDb page.

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Ashley-and-Robotic-EngineersPeople and organizations interested in supporting this film know that women, especially when they work in male-dominated environments, are regularly fighting being viewed differently by their co-workers, regardless of what they do. These women just want to be themselves, and don’t want to try to fit into behavioral patterns expected of them.

Pioneers in Skirts is for these women (and the girls right behind them) who dream big, yet feel it all slipping away as they try to figure out why and what to do about it. It’s for the people and organizations who want to make a difference.

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Finishing the Film

Pioneers in Skirts depends on individuals, foundations and businesses to help with funding. Without the many supporters who provide funding and in-kind donations, we definitely couldn’t make this social impact film.

Making a film is not cheap, but it certainly is the best way to reach people and make a BIG IMPACT!

Pioneers in Skirts is in post-production, which means we’re heads down working on editing, color correction, pick-ups, sound design, music composition, legal, closed captioning and packaging for delivery.

Every dollar really does help get us there. Thank YOU!

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To help fast track your decision to be part of our team – we created a 17-min video to showcase the quality of our work and the type of content we have in the film. It also represents the tone, and features key characters and interviewees.

Please reach out to the Producers via email at PioneersInSkirts [@] if you’d like to view the screener.

With the amount of expert advice available to the public we had to asked ourselves: “why isn’t it resonating for women?” Why aren’t women advancing in their careers if the information on how to advance is out there?

Pioneers in Skirts is a documentary film that aims to answer that question by following our director (Ashley Maria), a woman who discovers she is pregnant while also up for a job promotion, and teen girls whose mentors have figured out how to help them get past a temporary drop in ambition and confidence that resulted from the cultural gender bias around them.

We also approach experts with data, and women and men with experiences to share to discuss the unique obstacles and setbacks women encounter at all ages.

Click here for more about these incredible people who opened up in front of our cameras. (scroll to bottom of page)

We’ve had many grants, individual, Kickstarter & Fractured Atlas backers — including an amazing Crew helping us reach where we are today.

We are so very honored and humbled for these people who have supported us on our 4-year journey. We consider these people a part of our Pioneer family.

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The Pioneers in Skirts documentary is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of the documentary must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We’re so excited about the Pioneers in Skirts theme song! Written by Miasol E. Yara and performed by teen band The Controll Freex, it’s amazing how the words and energizing music of Freeway hits on the theme of this film!

Freeway was recorded and mixed at The Workshop studios – owned and operated by our Music Supervisor Pablo Vega. You can listen to a sample of the song here:

Freeway is available for purchase! For only 99¢ you can download it to your phone/digital device and crank it as you sing along!! Click here for purchasing options.  All profits go to the band as they fund their first album!!

Pioneers in Skirts shines a light on what happens to many women soon after they graduate from college. We show how today’s woman, and the next, can become her own pioneer as she goes after her dream career.

The key topics addressed in the film are:

  • The best ways to support women who face career obstacles and setbacks
  • How to be more aware of perpetuating gender bias in our culture
  • How to nip it in the bud during a girls adolescence

Many millennial women believe they are immune to what their mothers had to go through. But we know, and studies prove, young women are just now realizing just how much more complicated and difficult a career is when a woman tries to have one.  Read more —



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Pioneers in Skirts is a documentary about how young women can pioneer their careers and overcome the obstacles in their way.